The Challenge:

We were tasked with making Walkers the go to snack for a lunchtime sandwich by building equity and excitement about Walkers’ great taste and range of modern flavours.

People-First Insight:

78% of Brits eat sandwiches with crisps for lunch, but the debate over whether to put your crisps in or outside of a sandwich rages on.

The Story:

First of all we fired up the nation’s lunchtimes with the launch of the Walkers Flamin’ Hot “red” crisps, by launching a product-focused press office, as well as issuing creative media mailers to various media and influencers. Some of the mailers even glowed red and this caught the eye of Mirror Online, The Crisp Guys and Kev’s Snack Reviews as they all posted the mailer on their socials.

The big question we wanted to pose to the nation however was: #CrispIn or #CrispOut of sandwiches? We ignited the debate with a star-studded video featuring Asim Chaudry, Gordon Ramsay, Gary Lineker, and members of the public to find the answer to this life-defining question. Releasing our and the results of our poll caused a stir, resulting in widespread coverage and a segment on Steph’s Packed Lunch.

To top it all off we partnered with sandwich connoisseur Max Halley to create a unique crisp sandwich recipe book filled with 20 recipes inspired by the nation’s favourite fillings.

How it Travelled:

pieces of combined earned coverage, beating our KPI of 44
25.8 million
coverage views
781 million
combined OTS, beating our KPI of 413 million
105 million
impressions on Social


We ended the debate: #CRISPIN or #CRISPOUT?

We helped Walkers uncover whether crisps should be eaten IN or OUT of sandwiches. To help find the answer, comedian Asim Chaudhry asked the nation in a star-studded video featuring Gary Lineker and Gordon Ramsay, as well as experts and members of the public.

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