Inspired by the well-known proverb ‘home is where the heart is’, we took Rightmove's original logo and evolved it for a new era. We injected human warmth and charm into the existing brand to ensure continued success.


Rightmove’s brand had become more and more inconsistent over the years, leading to a plethora of different visual elements and a disconnect between offline and online channels. This was partly because the brand has to work for multiple audiences (B2B agents and B2C home buyers) and across diverse channels. For a predominantly digital brand, the visual identity wasn’t fit for purpose across platforms. 

There was also a desire to use more authentic and human photography, which would unlock the emotive meaningful moments identified in Rightmove’s catalogue of emotional narratives that supported the idea ‘Find your happy’.


Inspired by the well-known proverb ‘home is where the heart is’, we created a consistent visual identity that reflects the brand strategy and builds on the core idea ‘Find your happy’.

The dynamic identity tells the story of finding a happy home in a seamless fashion across all channels. The logo becomes a valuable asset when used alongside key messaging; bringing the brand to life for the long term.

In today’s society, a successful brand must be built on human emotions. By injecting warmth with a new tone of voice, expressive doodles, colour palette, font and photography, we’ve helped Rightmove stand out within their market with a brand that is inspiring, empowering and charming. 

We believe great brand design creates change for the better.

From start to finish The Team pushed the concept with great enthusiasm, lots of creative juices and attention to detail. It was a pleasure collaborating with them, testing and validating the concept and getting to embrace it and own it.

Odeya Noble-Bougay, Rightmove, Head of Design