To underline its brand positioning of bringing people together, Cadbury Fingers had partnered with the National Deaf Children’s Society on an ‘Sign with Fingers Big and Small’ ATL campaign. We needed to amplify the campaign by raising awareness of the exclusion experienced by deaf people and encourage Brits to bridge the communication gap by learning British Sign Language (BSL).


Most people are unaware of the feelings of isolation experienced by deaf people on a daily basis.


Our strategy was to recreate the exclusion that’s regularly faced by deaf people, but among the hearing community. Inducing a strong sense of FOMO would be key to connecting our audience emotionally to the issue.

We partnered with deaf Love Islander star, Tasha Ghouri, and Strictly Come Dancing winner, Giovanni Pernice, (who danced with deaf contestant, Rose Ayling Ellis, on the show) to announce exclusive gossip on social media. The twist? The news was given entirely in BSL, driving a sense of FOMO and empathy among followers and media.

Further influencer content supported the campaign, while research-based media relations highlighted the issue as well as people’s appetite to learn BSL.


The campaign resulted in attitudinal and behavioural change in the target audience. Independent, post campaign research showed:

  • 39% increase in Brits believing that Cadbury Fingers brought people together in everyday moments
  • 53% increase in interest in learning British Sign Language
  • Coverage in every national news title including BBC News homepage and a six minute segment on Sky News where the presenter was taught BSL, all including a link to the Cadbury Fingers hub
  • Over 500 million opportunities to see/hear campaign coverage
  • 5.5 million + organic video views (with no spend)
  • 350K likes and over 5,000 positive comments on talent social posts
  • 99% positive sentiment rating (1% neutral)


Say it with Fingers: Cadbury Fingers builds engagement with sign language campaign

Launching reality TV gossip on social media only using British Sign Language. What better way to highlight the deaf community’s everyday exclusion among hearing people, and generate widespread buzz about Cadbury Fingers’ community-focussed brand positioning?

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