Young's: Using social to position a brand with heritage to the modern consumer


Young’s is one of London’s oldest brewery brands, which is exactly why they’ve been losing out to a bustling craft beer market.

The strength of the beer market, however, presented an opportunity for the established old guard to take their share of the nu-wave.

 As a London-centric brand, their target audience is obsessed with brands such as Vice and Time Out. They want to discover a London that sits beneath the surface. 


The creative theme was much bolder than before; ‘Take London Head On’.

Using a mix of out of home, digital content and influencers, our output pitched Young’s alongside some of London’s hidden gems.

In a new Covid-restricted world, we built fun and safe partnerships with food brands, creative spaces and launched their new craft beer range with a pop and fizz.

The brand now indulges in itself, with much more intimate, creative messaging that we continue to push through social media.


Direct outreach to London’s coolest and up-and-coming personalities and venues enabled us to springboard the messaging into the heart of London’s subcultures.

We used micro influencers to create UGC and created a number of deeper-thinking audience segments through paid social.

The idea was to ensure we still targeted long standing and traditional audiences with relevant content, all the while pushing the brand into bolder, braver realms.

increase in engagement
message association
increase in online sales



If you’ve lived in London for longer than 5 minutes, there’s a high chance you’ve been in a Young’s pub and maybe even drunk its beers.

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