Conquering the final frontier with Virgin Galactic


Sir Richard Branson is in a race to send the first fee-paying passengers into space and make Virgin Galactic, the only publicly-listed space tourism group, the Spaceline for Earth, opening space for everybody

Over the last four years, we have been the lead global broadcast partner documenting key milestones along the journey, spreading the message to potential recruits wanting to join the community of Future Astronauts.


We were tasked with landing coverage all over the globe through a mix of:

Live and pre-recorded interview opportunities

Inviting key broadcast media to attend events

Content capture and fast turnaround

On-site SMT management

Live Streaming

The Big Reveal

We amplified the global reveal of SpaceShip Two ‘VSS Unity’ with live broadcast interviews on the morning of the reveal and content capture (2016)

The Space Experience

As Chief Astronaut Instructor Beth Moses took to SpaceShip Two for the first commercial manned mission to space, we set up live and pre-recorded interviews and created and distributed content (February 2019)

The First Flight

Working from deep in the Mojave Desert, we told the story of the launch of SpaceShip Two, the first manned mission to space. We turned around exclusive content just after the craft successfully touched down (2018)

The Gateway to Space

From New Mexico, we told the story of the global launch of Spaceport America, the first-ever commercial spaceport (August 2019)

The Kit

We amplified the global reveal of the spacewear system for Virgin Galactic astronauts (in partnership with Under Armour), the first collection ever created specifically for astronauts (October 2019)

The Outcome

Our content has captured imaginations around the world and given Virgin Galactic share of voice in the highly competitive space race 

Virgin Galactic has received more than 8,000 registrations of interest for future flights and has released more tickets for flights due to surging demand

11,200 pieces of broadcast coverage and counting...
Our coverage has landed across 20+ countries


Conquering the final frontier

We are telling Virgin Galactic's space race story to the world

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