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Launching a Billion Dollar Brand with Majorel

The Context

Driven by the upheaval AI is having on the customer service industry, with almost half of call centre interactions expected to be handled by automated technologies by 2027, the company Bertelsmann relaunched its Customer Services business in 2019. The new company was named Majorel and launched as a business with $1.36 billion in annual revenues due to its creation from two existing customer services businesses. 

Majorel offered the team at &Ugo the chance to work with a new audience within B2B and to flex creative muscles within an area not usually known for its creativity. 

The Story

This project was for the launch of a new world-class brand into the highly competitive Customer Services marketplace. A ‘challenger brand with pedigree’ was how the new brand wanted to be seen by key decision makers. The objective was to show how Majorel’s customer service offering has evolved to make the most out of both AI and human connections.


The need to differentiate in a crowded market 

How a new brand behaves is an important indicator of intent. This is especially true within Customer Services where big players dominate and contracts run for long periods. The challenge was to make sure that all areas were considered in terms of differentiation: where the campaign ran, the tone of voice, the messaging. Seeing Majorel as a challenger allowed the agency/client teams to address these with fresh eyes. 

Establishing credibility as a new brand 

New B2B brands can suffer from lack of credibility when surfacing into a crowded and competitive sector, at worst this means they can be discredited early on during the ‘long-list’ stage around contract renew time. The challenge was to ensure that the credibility of the brand was put at the forefront and that the budget was used in a way that immediately put Majorel on the radar. Smart, well-crafted creative can be a way of layering credibility.

A busy and distracted business audience 

An approach was needed that could get attention even when the majority of the B2B audience weren’t in a position to purchase, due to most targeted businesses being in long-term contracts with a current provider. Short attention spans were anticipated. The campaign needed to find a sweet spot where the audience could be teased into giving their attention against their better judgement, to provide a breathe of fresh air compared to other brands targeting the same audience. 


The power of two fascinates us - how they work together: double-acts, twins, left and right side of the brain, ying and yang. 


Challenging the vertical norms

Instead of taking the expected B2B route with a simple rational appeal &Ugo devised a structure that took the form of a consumer campaign. Looking to shake-up the expected norms of the sector and deliver brand interest the insight led the creative to look at comedy acts and the inter-play that delivers scope for amusing dialogue mix-ups and competing viewpoints to replace a standard narration delivery. They developed a tone of voice with a dry humour and a split screen execution which easily captures the different approaches of humans and AI. The winning combination always had to be the power of both human and AI working together giving the best of both worlds, although alluding to a competitiveness between the two is where the beauty of humour could shine through. Best of Both World's became the campaign title, honestly representing the ethos of Majorel.

Combining the humorous content with a fresh approach to targeting, core media activation through social media rather than traditional B2B, a modern pastel colour palette with minimal yet visually striking props in the corporate colours meant that campaign was primed for stand-out against the more traditional brands. 

Appeals wide  

To cut-through the aim was to appeal not just to the obvious target audience of the Key Decision Maker. Instead the interesting audience insight was that it’s not just the person at the top who Majorel needed to target. Each member of the wider team are likely to be asked for or offer input in both direct and subtle ways through a protracted consultation period before the end of a contract. Therefore how people felt about the brand was as important as the actual facts - feeling warm to the brand name was incredibly important. Humour wasn’t about a quick smile, it was about increasing positive sentiment in the longer term.

The campaign was supported throughout EMEA by paid media that reflected the broad appeal, with a weighting towards the C-Suite audience. 


Being brave to go against the category norms

Within the naturally serious environment of business communications, the desire to stand-out for the launch of Majorel required the client team to have a great confidence in the direction and executions that were presented. The result of a unified aim, budgets that had to work hard plus strong creative executions meant the journey for Majorel felt natural and easy in its brave birth.


Launching a Billion Dollar Brand with Majorel

Global customer service provider Majorel launched in 2019 with $1.36 billion in annual revenues due to its creation from two existing businesses. Our social launch campaign 'Best of Both Worlds' focused on the brand's USP of balancing AI with all-important human interaction.

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