Stretching Peroni into New Areas with Mais Croccante

The Context

Peroni is a premium Italian lager. At a time when people are looking for brand experiences to offer both value and differentiation, Peroni takes great pride in their on-trade programme and is always looking at new ways they can enhance the Peroni experience. Their Servito Con Stile programme ensures that bartenders are educated on how to pour, present and serve any Peroni customer in a unique way.

The Story

Working with &Ugo on multiple projects gave the client team confidence to think differently when the need came to give attendees a snack at pop-up locations in key cities around the world throughout 2020/21. The agency were briefed to develop an ownable snack to be produced for international distribution and used in both pop-up sampling as well as upon purchase of a Peroni in participating outlets. 


Retaining client confidence whilst working in a new area

The project meant a change from the normal working processes for &Ugo. This type of campaign hadn’t been done by either side before so clear guidelines were needed to ensure clarity of ambition was fully understood, as well as setting out a product design framework to keep the project on track. It was also important for both sides to realise the value of previous partnerships they had fostered over the years with top names in food to draw from outside expertise in this area. 

Making the snack ownable by Peroni

Snacks are ubiquitous throughout the world, while offering huge variations from country to country. The challenge with this brief was to ensure that the end output felt truly ownable by Peroni rather than it being a labelling project. To do this &Ugo fully educated themselves on all the ingredients and growing processes for Peroni’s beers to ensure that no stone was left unturned. 


Working only with trusted partners 

In order to develop the recipe for the snack &Ugo leveraged an existing partnership with Michelin-starred Bros’ restaurant in Lecce, Puglia and asked them to create an exclusive corn snack recipe. The team behind Bros’ had previously collaborated with Peroni &Ugo on initiatives for House of Peroni so they felt like a natural choice for this brief. 

Working with a tight group of trusted partners alongside existing art direction, design and copy teams meant that becoming responsible for all aspects of the snack - development, recipe, production, packaging, distribution and the supporting content - was a small side step rather than a huge shift in working practices. 

Sticking to what Peroni knows well

Maize is one of the key ingredients of Peroni Nastro Azzurro, specifically Nostrano dell’Isola maize from the Lombardy region in Northern Italy. Initially &Ugo developed maize kernels as well as a more traditional crisp snack but quickly realised that by using the kernels they were creating a totally ownable concept for the brand. The result is Mais Croccante, a crunchy maize snack made from corn kernels. The smoky pepper flavouring developed by Bros’ has been adapted by suppliers for mass production. The product name given in Italian to continue driving the brand's authenticity messaging.


1. Don’t invent new processes for new outputs.

Take the road well travelled by those who’ve been working in the industry for years. There’s a wealth of knowledge to utilise through investing in great relationships.

2. Strong client / agency relationships creatively generate an exciting spill into new areas.

Make this an ambition. 


Imminent. Local market activations were initially pushed back due to the pandemic but markets have already started to place secondary orders due to positive responses. The campaign will now be extended throughout 2021.


Stretching Peroni into New Areas with Mais Croccante

This new bar snack has been developed for international distribution at a time when people are looking for brand experiences to offer both value and differentiation, ultimately enhancing the consumer’s on-trade experience.

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