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Raising the bar for Diageo in premium service and sales

The Background

Price isn’t the biggest barrier to people choosing expensive spirits and cocktails more often. It’s the lack of knowing which ones to choose. This is why the person serving behind the bar is far more important than any TV commercial filmed in some far flung, fantastical world populated with beautiful people, or set high in the rolling hills of the rainy Scottish countryside.

The Work

Armed with this knowledge, and countless years of on-trade experience, we created Diageo Bar Academy with its goal to train and arm thousands of bartenders across Europe with perfect signature serving skills and the premium spirits expertise needed to bring fresh excitement to their customers’ experience. 

Packed with consumer insights and innovation, grounded in practical know-how and delivering a range of tailored training programmes, Diageo Bar Academy is now seeing serve standards rise and Diageo spirits being chosen more often in cities and bars across Europe. Sometimes enjoyed neat at room temperature, other times expertly mixed in a fabulous flaming Martini, but always expertly prepared and perfectly served.

The Results

bartenders trained to-date
average sales uplift post-training
successful ROI of any Diageo initiative

Dry January 2020

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Diageo Bar Academy

Raising the bar for Diageo in regard to customer experience and premium spirit sales

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