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Creating relevance to build the “family” fortunes of a range of cement.

The Background

Despite its household name status in the building and construction industry, Blue Circle cement sales were suffering due to low brand awareness amongst 16 – 34-year-old builders, a key market both now and in terms of lifetime value. To increase awareness and ensure Blue Circle was chosen more often, we had to make both the cement and communication more relevant to these builders by finding something which was relatable to them. Our research showed this to be a sense of family.

The Work

With this knowledge we created a new product naming approach, which gave each of the blue circle cement products a family member attribute that also communicated the benefit of that product. These included The Reliable One, The Bright One, The Dependable One. 

To further appeal to the family focused nature of our builders, we also created an on – pack promotion, on over 3.5million bags of blue circle cement, giving the chance to win family holidays.

The results of the campaign and the impact upon the end-user were demonstrated in research conducted in Q1 2019. This showed that younger buyers (in the 18-35 age group) are now 7% more likely to buy Blue Circle branded products than they would have been previously..

The Results

Award winning campaign
Best Branding and Positioning, UK Construction Awards 2019
10% Sales Uplift
Post Campaign
1,100:1 ROI
‘Win a Holiday’ Promotion



Creating relevance to build the “family” fortunes of a range of cement.

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