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Expedia Inc had recently rebranded as Expedia Group. The two B2B brands of Expedia Inc: Expedia Affiliate Network and Global Partner Solutions – merged to form Expedia Partner Solutions.

It required a new identity and visual language that conformed with the group guidelines whilst appealing to a focused audience of its global business and corporate customers.

With a digital first approach (which would ensure we produced assets that render perfectly regardless of the device or scale), we devised a fresh and engaging illustrative style - creating bespoke artwork relevant to each of the core business services. 

This solution utilised the key assets of the new Expedia brand (i.e. colours and typefaces) whilst delivering a new visual identity that was totally unique to the Expedia Partner Solutions and wholly relevant to its specific audiences.

We immersed ourselves into Expedia’s world and the business side of the travel industry, simplifying complex needs into 12 categories which EPS offers solutions for. We devised scenes for each in order to communicate and highlight difficulties partners have and how EPS products help to overcome them and grow their businesses.

Master Illustrative World

Digital Templates

We utilised the overarching group guidelines to create a bold and vibrant appearance for the graphic metropolis.

The master world is contained within a shape consistent with the logo and is made up of 12 micro scenes representing the complexity of the travel industry and all of the solutions that EPS offers. We commissioned illustrator Mauco Sosa to bring our art direction to life.

Brand Guidelines

Since launching the new visual identity in September 2018, the EPS business has seen continued growth and success - now boasting over 500,000 accommodations across 25,000 worldwide destinations. Its market-leading technology, API, online templates and agent tools provide access to over 4.7 billion airline seats - connecting to over 6,500 airports. Thousands of businesses across the world are now benefiting from easier, more cost effective, wider ranging, tailored travel solutions.

Testament to the strength of the new brand, EPS was recognised for its innovation as 'Best Travel Supplier' by Travolution in November 2018.


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