Empowering players, teams, and fans across the world to connect with and share their game.

As the gap between elite and grassroots sports grows ever wider, the MyCujoo brand is encouraging a powerful sense of belonging and ownership by people who love their game. A brand that appeals to all audiences, from governing bodies to fans and players.

Sport is tribal, and at the heart of a tribe is people – it’s people who are ‘the fabric of sport’. Our ambition was to bring sport back to these people. An intrinsic part of how people identify with their club is through their team strip, kit, badge, patterns, and colours – visual indicators that resonate with them on a subconscious level. To support our approach, we needed to create a visual brand identity that would encourage peoples’ interest and involvement - and inspire their passionate community.

Brand Identity

Brand Proposition

Channelling the raw emotion of sports, we collaborated with lettering artist Oli Frape to create an ownable logotype inspired by fans and their chants. The existing MyCujoo primary colour palette was evolved, embracing a more vibrant green to symbolise growth, freshness and grassroot sports. To complement the primary colour palette, we took influence from the wider world of sport for a range of bold and engaging supporting colours.

Underpinned by the idea of MyCujoo representing ‘the fabric of sport’, a plethora of shapes, patterns, and colours opened up to us – all inspired by the local shirts, scarves, flags and markings adopted by sports clubs and teams across the world. This resulted in an incredibly flexible solution with the creation of a myriad of patterns in a range of ownable brand colours. By opening up the visual language, we will empowered people to select their own unique combinations – allowing them to develop an ownership of the brand by creating individual MyCujoo identities.

Brand Values

Brand Patterns

Mobile App Templates

Mobile App Templates


The imagery used reflects the global nature of the sport and helps emphasise the brand’s global reach. Photography includes players and supporters, and incorporates user-generated imagery – giving further ownership of the brand to players and fans.

To support the implementation of the brand internally, we developed a robust flexible brand toolkit which was formalised into a brand style guide. In addition to outlining the brand strategy and application of the core brand assets, we worked closely with the internal teams to develop best practice examples for key brand marketing materials. From the website, app and social media, through to offline advertising and merchandise, our designs brought the brand to life consistently and coherently across every channel.

Brand Guidelines

Because sport is for the many, not the few - we have shaped a disruptive new global community with an inclusive, authentic, bold brand fit for the future. A future that will see MyCujoo democratising sport all across the globe.

Digital Templates

In 2014, we streamed our first ever game on the platform - FC Zurich Women’s Team in Switzerland. Fast forward to 2019, we now stream content from over 120 countries, are seen by over 50 million fans each month, and we have a highly focused audience of young fans and players (80% of which are consuming our content on mobile). The brand needed to evolve to keep pace with our growth, and we are incredibly excited with the outcome. The focus on distinctive assets aligned with flexibility to allow us to keep a creative edge was vitally important, and We Launch have provided us with a brand fit for the future.

David Fowler, Director of Marketing, MyCujoo

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