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Formed in 2010 with a simple philosophy – to work with people, brands and organisations that inspire us – We Launch is a different kind of agency for these very changing times. With creativity and commercial insight, we help brands defy convention, challenge for the top spot and find the opportunities that allow them to achieve greatness. We care more, which makes it personal. Our ideas are fuelled with ingenuity, bringing the clarity that propels businesses upward, onwards and beyond the competition. We work harder to make things happen. Together, we shape tomorrow's leading brands.






The power of simple brand experiences

Brand experience doesn’t have to be hugely expensive, or complicated, to be effective. To display an understanding of your audience, and a response which creates a positive experience for them, can be as simple as blowing bubbles.


Is the logo still the most important part of a brand's image?

Our article from March 2018 was one of Design Week’s 10 biggest stories of the year. In it we ask – what’s in a brand? We discuss how a company’s character is made up of so much more than its logo, from its sound to its app icon.


Embracing Originality in the Creative Process

We Launch Creative Director, Stuart Lang, looks at how originality and creativity can help businesses stand out from the crowd and get attention from their target audience.


How Unexpected Partnerships Can Fuel Brands

Often brand partnerships are obvious matches, but is it such a bad idea for brands which don’t immediately seem natural bedfellows to team up? The We Launch Strategy Director, Paul Bailey looks at how unexpected partnerships can bring a new energy to both brands.


Brands And The Changing Art Of Persuasion

We Launch Strategy Director, Paul Bailey, discusses how a large part of our role remains to increase awareness and affiliation, with the ultimate aim of encouraging desired actions – which fundamentally is persuading isn’t it?


Why Brand Change Triggers Emotional Reactions

Brand is used to appeal to peoples’ emotions, by creating meaning that has a value to someone. So why is there surprise if people react emotionally when organisations make changes to a brand? We discuss what the ultimate emotional brands – sports clubs – need to consider when developing their brand.


How subliminal branding tricks provide more bang for a sponsors buck

How the Love Islands' principle sponsor – the beauty retailer Superdrug – leveraged all aspects of their brand partnership, through a campaign strategy that is all about ‘fun in the sun’, to appeal to and influence a target audience (16-34 year olds).