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The truth is, 99% of advertising is wallpaper. If you want to cut through you have to break one rule. It could be the medium, the tone, the strategy, the message. Rule breaking is smart business. If you want fame, you have to break one rule.



Case Studies

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Case Study

Spotify UK - Listen like you used to

By Who Wot Why

How did Spotify appeal to Gen Z? With old-school music classics, punchy home truths, and by playfully poking fun at how their listening habits and lifestyle choices have changed over time.

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Case Study

Sky Betting and Gaming- 'Move over Football'

By Who Wot Why

Move over football, Cheltenham coming through. The multi-channel campaign performance was outstanding - with 81% brand attribution, high appeal and emotional response scores. Over a quarter of those who saw the campaign then went onto the website.

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