Launching the first DIY Restaurant for ‘freestyle’ cooking culture

The challenge

How to target and inspire the ‘rapid refueller’ audience with Tilda’s 20 strong range of ready to heat Steamed Basmati rices, each ready to serve in 2 minutes.

The solution

The answer was borne from a consumer insight around the rise of freestyle cooks, who open the fridge to decide what to eat rather than follow a recipe , but who nevertheless are always looking for new ways to expand their foodie repertoire. This led us to create the first freestyle DIY restaurant - obviously a ‘ricetaurant’ - to showcase quick, fresh, delicious and importantly for the millennial skewed audience, sociable cooking. What the brand wants to say meets what the audience are actually talking about. 

Event sell out, 8 national media features, 39 influencer articles with a combined 433m OTS

A 3 day pop up experience in Shoreditch. A table full of fresh ingredients. A full range of Tilda rices. And a number of Wok stations. Lunch and dinner slots were bookable and free for ‘you and your friends’ . Turn up. Pick a cuisine/inspiration (Mexican, Caribbean, Korean, Indian…), and cook for your table.

With a clear CTA to purchase around Tilda as the springboard for on the spot inspiration, the event delivered on media attendance for brand understanding, media coverage (supported by research on our nation of ‘global cuisine freelancers’) influencer partnerships, consumer interaction and retailer relationships.

The impact

8 national media hits as part of 433m OTS

39 influencer features with 500k engagements and a 3.5% click through rate

200 customers and a booking sell out with 89 UGC freestyle recipes shared from those attendees


The first 'freestyle' DIY Restaurant

Introducing The ‘Rice-taurant’: A PR, experiential and influencer campaign to drive sales of Tilda Ready to Heat Rice and champion easy on the spot home cooked global cuisine. If 'opening the fridge' is the new recipe book, how do you make the most of that from a smart base?

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