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We are the ‘better connected’ agency, bringing 20 years of sector specialism and independent agency thinking in food, drink, travel and leisure to your battle. Which makes us your brand and communication advisors, business assets, disruptors from inside the tent and shapers of strategies rooted in your reality. Hubs in London, Cornwall and Bristol bring the ideas and the insights from a broad sweep of lifestyles, and our enviable track record in client retention is a stand out marker in a fluid client/agency space, with creative relevance, resonance and results key to those relationships.





Twelve things NOT to do in comms in 2020

It's time to pre plan comms resolutions for next year, and while debates around what to do are challenging in the current climate, things that you should be avoiding are clearer. Pitfalls, learnings, channel strategies and insights to work with and not put to one side are as critical as the forward steps you take. So here is our festive dozen to think around as you sit back and contemplate Christmas jumper day, how early in the day you can drink mulled wine, and deconstruct xmas TV ads...


Pitch Season: when and why should you pitch your PR?

PR pitch briefs can still be last in line to be thought about in the marketing mix, despite the climate and culture screaming loud and proud about brand trust, authenticity and the importance of engagement. Part of this is due to the role PR might still be limited to for brands, which is why our self analysis test on the questions you should be asking of your agency should help decide whether your PR is on point or off piste, and punching or pitch worthy.


‘Mental Availability’, the contribution of PR, and the key questions you should be asking of it

This is an age of rich opportunity in the earned space, yet PR is sometimes still missing from the conversations around ‘mental availability’ as a key marketing driver. If it is, you need to look at why that is when 'memorability' is such a key dimension, and ask some questions of the PR strategy in play


Experiential pleasures and the 'win' over pure sampling

With a sea of brand in hand experiences thrown our way every day, does this have an impact when products are shared out of context, story free and without an integrated thread? Why investing in the rounded experience delivers on value, expectation and values.