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The Challenge.

We were approached by well respected data solution experts, Sacha Rook and James Herbert (formerly of Foundry4/TPX Impact), to help them create and launch their next venture.

Understanding the importance of brand and brand strategy, from the offset, the two founders were keen to ensure their new journey got off to a perfect start.

We were excited to get under the skin of what their business should stand for and how we could carve out their niche.

Partnering with YOLK as we embark on this new Journey was an easy decision. Their strategic and creative capabilities will be invaluable in helping us establish a strong brand identity and communicate our unique value proposition to our target audience.

James Herbert, CEO

Brand Strategy.

Finding the North Star.

A brand without direction will always flounder.

Our first port of call was to immerse ourselves into the founder's (and their future leadership team's) world and unearth the hidden gems that these unique and experienced individuals bring to the table.

Creating a 'brand purpose' out of these sessions allowed us to align everyone's thinking and ensure that the next phase in the brand development would have a clear direction.

We believe that YOLK’s deep understanding of branding and marketing will enable us to effectively position Pivotl as a trusted partner for businesses looking to harness the power of their data. We are confident that this partnership will help us achieve our mission of empowering businesses to make better decisions using data.

Sacha Rook, President

Brand name and identity.

Name generation.
Initial ID sketches.

We turn data into your most powerful advantage.

With a full grasp of the business objectives we set about creating a name for the brand and its visual ID.

The name PIVOTL was chosen as it placed the brand at the heart of critical business decisions through their range of services, including data strategy, data analytics, and data engineering.

Pivotl helps businesses unlock the power of their data and gain meaningful insights to drive growth.

We created the full ID toolkit to date (including the design of the website) and have been appointed as their branding and marketing partner for the future.

Absolutely fascinating to be part of this creative process from beginning to launch - loved seeing YOLK’s creative process in collaborative action transforming vision into impact!

Julia Glidden, Board Chair


Building brands.

We were briefed to create the identity for a new data business, literally from the ground up, including brand strategy, naming and the visual ID. We have created something unique in the data servicing landscape and are relishing the future opportunities it presents.

Business Objectives



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