Baileys’s audio innovation helps consumers make the most of their bottle

The Sound Scales tool detects how much of the drink is left and suggests various ways to use it

Jeevan Georgina Hammond

Editorial Assistant Creativebrief


Baileys has introduced an innovative way of discovering how much Irish cream liqueur is left in a bottle and suggesting what you could do with it through a new audio innovation.

The brand’s notorious dark bottles make seeing the alcohol that remains in them a little tricky. As such, Baileys worked with creative agency VML to produce a unique solution: Baileys Sound Scales.

The audio tool can be found at, and can be used via a mobile device. By tapping ‘listen’ and blowing gently over the bottle lip, users produce a sound which is processed by the tool. The Baileys Sound Scale then reveals the amount of Irish cream liquor left in the bottle.

The tool, a bespoke web-based app, works by recording sound waves to produce results with an accuracy close to 50mls.

Alongside the handy information, the audio innovation also suggests ways to use the remaining drink. Depending on the quantity, consumers might be recommended a recipe for Baileys Brioche French Toast, Baileys Cheesecake, Baileys Espresso Martinis, or the seasonal Baileys Easter Shake.

For those based in Dublin, Baileys is offering limited edition discount codes. With the grocery delivery service, Shuppa, the brand is giving discounts to those with a low-sounding supply, or those who want to give the tool a go.

Having worked with the liquor brand for five years, VML designed and delivered the project. Alongside the tool itself, the campaign is accompanied by a 15-second social video. Taking paid media spots, the social activation was intended to make consumers aware of the new tool.

Speaking on the campaign, Debbie Ellison, Chief Commerce Officer at VML UK, said: “After the festive period where Baileys sees a surge in purchase and consumption, the iconic bottle [...] can often be hidden away in the alcohol cabinet out of sight and out of mind. With Sound Scales, Baileys playfully turns a business challenge into an opportunity to inspire and delight consumers with treat inspiration and discounting offers in an innovative way”.

PR agency, Wilson Hartnell, helped the brand to deliver content around the Baileys recipes and paid media was planned and delivered by PHD.

With calls for careful consumption, Baileys is delivering an innovative way for consumers to optimise what they already own. The brand exhibits a full range of uses for its famous Irish cream liquor, showing it to be more than just a festive drink. At the same time, the playful activation brings eyes back to Baileys and provides a genuinely useful tool to help consumers get the most out of their bottles.

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