Dreamies investigation proves that the treats are irresistible to cats

The campaign by Adam&EveDDB concludes that the only cats who don’t love the pet treat are human Cats


Dreamies and Adam&EveDDB aim to prove that the 5% of cats that don’t love Dreamies treats must be humans named Cat. In a recent campaign, the brand plays on research that found 95% of cats found Dreamies treats irresistible, by investigating the 5% that don’t. 

Leaning into the idea that it is difficult to find a cat who doesn’t like the pet treat, the campaign conducted research on humans called Cat. The Mars-owned brand called a fake convention for people named Cat, on the premise that they would meet up with other Cats. 

At the fake convention, participants were tested to see if they were cats (the animal), and if they found Dreamies irresistible. The hypothesis: any cat that doesn’t love Dreamies must not be a cat at all, and must instead be a human named Cat.

Participants underwent rigorous testing. This included presenting the participants with fluffy toys, tickling them under their chin, asking if they had defecated in a neighbour’s garden, and seeing if they like the cat food.

Comedically, the experiment concluded that the hypothesis was correct. The Cats, identified to be human and not pet food fanatics, left the convention confused. 

The process was recorded in a 2-minute long, documentary-style film. Alongside the hero film, the campaign runs across digital out-out-of-home, print media, paid social, digital, and radio. EssenceMediacom handled the media, and James Rouse directed the film through Biscuit Filmworks.

“This campaign centres on the product truth that cats can't resist Dreamies treats, doing so with a humour that’s unique to this brand. The approach drives intrigue and amusement for cat parents, whilst also re-enforcing why Dreamies is the UK’s No.1 selling cat treat brand” says Kay Brown, European Brand Director at Mars.

Exuding the playfulness of the Dreamies brand, the campaign innovatively highlights how popular the pet food is by honing in on the only unlikely reason it wouldn’t be liked. As weird and wonderful ideas gain momentum, the brand uses surreal humour to bring a smile to audiences' faces while showcasing its premium product.

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