Financial Times campaign tells the story of its pink sheets

The campaign from Orange Panther Collective aims to solidify the paper’s position as a premium news brand

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


The Financial Times stands out for its pink pages and its no-nonsense approach. A new campaign for the brand tells the story of why the paper’s sheets are pink in the first place. Leaning on its heritage to reaffirm its position as a premium news brand.

A series of animated films conceived and created in partnership with the Orange Panther Collective and creative studio H5, have been designed to bring the brand to life through the lens of history, purpose and attitude. 

The first in the series delves into the story of the newspaper’s iconic salmon pink colour, which dates back to 1888. The pink sheets not only help the paper stand out, but as the video explains  they are a symbol of the brand’s commitment to innovation.

In fact the paper is naturally dyed pink by red china clay from a mine in Cornwall. Instead of bleaching it white the FT embraced the unique look, which in turn was also a more sustainable decision. 


The first brand film launched at BAFTA and has aired on the brand’s owned channels, partner sites and at major events. The second film in the series will explore the Financial Times’ original masthead ‘Without Fear and Without Favour’;  a principle that underpins the FT’s journalism today. 

“At a time when news is becoming increasingly commoditised, and many businesses find themselves in a race to the bottom, the FT is celebrating its rich heritage and reminding readers why it offers such unique value” says Simon Hewitt, co-founder and CEO of the Orange Panther Collective.

He continued: “The paper may be 135 years old and hugely proud of its history but it’s also a modern publication and that has led the way in its digital transformation.”

The engaging films tell the story of the brand and showcase the FT’s commitment to storytelling and fact. By sharing an insight into the legacy of the FT the campaign is able to showcase the brand’s signature journalistic style and solidify its position as a premium news brand. A compelling example of leaning on brand heritage in order to build trust. 

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