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Haribo takes its Kids’ Voices campaign to the football field

The new campaign from Quiet Storm for Haribo US brings to life the childlike joy in every bag.

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


With The Super Bowl around the corner, Haribo US has brought its famous ‘Kids’ Voices’ campaign onto the football field.

The new iteration of the well-loved campaign has been created with the help of Quiet Storm. It brings to life the childlike moments of happiness that Haribo brings with every bag.

The football-focused spot sees two grown-up football players sitting on the sidelines tucking into a bag of Haribo Goldbears. When one of the players offers the bag to his teammate, the pair speak with children's voices, gushing about their favourite snack. They laugh together as they imagine what it would be like to play football against a Goldbear, easy to tackle. Enjoying their snack so much, they are reluctant to return to the pitch.

The spot is the latest in the brand’s long running ‘Kids’ Voices’ campaign, which brings to life the childlike joy that each bag of Haribo has the power to conjure up in people. The campaigns feature authentic conversations, showing the inner child within us all.

“Anyone who’s been around kids knows that they, above anyone else, speak the truth,” says Seth Klugherz, VP of Marketing at HARIBO of America ‘We’re thrilled to continue our ‘Kids’ Voices’ campaign with ‘Football” because its playful, wholesome and unexpected humor sits at the heart of what makes HARIBO special to fans of all ages”.

Capitalising on the cultural hype of The Super Bowl, the spot puts a timely sporting spin on the well-loved campaign.

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