Iggy Pop and Siouxsie Sioux get onboard Magum’s ‘Pleasure Express’

The musical legends collaborated for the indulgent TV ad, created by Lola Mullenlowe, for the brand’s new flavour innovations

Jeevan Georgina Hammond

Editorial Assistant Creativebrief


In a musical first, iconic punk superstars Iggy Pop and Siouxsie Sioux have collaborated on a new recording of the hit song ‘The Passenger’. The song has been recorded to promote  Magnum Ice Cream’s release of three new flavours.

Agency Lola Mullenlowe led the creative, which built on Magnum’s ‘Wherever Pleasure Takes You’ brand platform. The new ‘Pleasure Express’ TV spot  promotes three new ice creams: Euphoria, Wonder, and Chill.

In a 60-second film, passengers board the Pleasure Express train and experience a range of emotions. Each emotion is linked to the new flavours of ice cream, with each having its own colour story, embodied by the colour of its packaging.

Taking a bite of ‘Euphoria’, a passenger reflects the emotional sentiment in shots with pink accents. ‘Wonder’ transports another passenger to a hypnotic experience, with yellow heavily featured. While ‘Chill’ results in the last passenger being so relaxed, she begins to float above the purple carpeted room.

The adverts use of music leans in to Magnum’s music heritage. Sarah deCourcy, a multi award-winning composer and producer, was responsible for arranging the new collaboration.

Tomas Ostiglia, Executive Creative Director at Lola Mullenlowe, explained: “The Pleasure Express TVC is a symphony of senses; all elements mesh effortlessly to create an immersive experience for viewers”.’.

Iggy Pop. added:  "[Siouxsie’s] version of the song was already special, but what happened here, singing together, is really unique. Like Volare, the orchestral treatment and marriage of voices flies free, in a spirit of joy. I'm very proud”.

Collaborator Sioux was also pleased with the track. She added: “I love this song and I’ve always loved Iggy’s voice. Yet even with perfect ingredients, to make something wonderful, you need a touch of magic. In this instance it’s what steered the song on its new and unexpected journey. I adore how instinctive and spontaneous it all feels and to hear my voice with Iggy's is such a dream.”

Big Sync Music brought the  talent together for the remaster, which is the latest in a series of songs commissioned by Magnum. The likes of which include Peggy Gou’s remix of ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ by Kylie Minogue.

With each musical edition, Magnum seeks to push the boundaries of sonic innovation in advertising. ‘Pleasure Express’ effectively leans into the classics, ‘The Passenger’ and the brand’s heritage, to create something new; both in music and flavour.

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