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Irish Postal Service delivers love at Christmas

The heartwarming campaign starring the Wizard of Oz’s Tin Man shows the importance of sending love

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


An Post, Ireland’s national postal service, has launched its festive campaign with help from Folk Wunderman Thompson which brings to life the importance of sending love at Christmas.

The hero film that sits at the heart of the campaign takes inspiration from family favourite, The Wizard of Oz, and focuses on the character of the Tin Man, famous for being without a heart. Audiences follow the character on his journey to receiving love via the post at Christmas, highlighting the importance of togetherness and connection. 


The film follows the downtrodden Tin Man at Christmas who sets out on a journey to find his heart and get some much needed love. After finding himself at a pub he romantically locks eyes with a woman across the bar who some days later sends him a Christmas card that includes the heart he is missing. The Tin Man locks the card safe in his chest where a heart would usually be and the film ends with the character happy to have received some love at Christmas. The heartwarming story is accompanied by a soundtrack from music artist Lyra, called The Magic of Christmas.

“As an island nation Ireland is renowned for staying connected by way of post. Sending a card is such a simple way to tell someone they are loved this Christmas. This campaign captures the impact that sending and receiving a card can have and how special it can make you feel. And Lyra’s beautiful voice and lyrics add to the magic.” says Julie Gill, Commercial Marketing Director, Mails and Parcels An Post.

The campaign shows the importance of joy and connection and underlines that the simple act of sending Christmas post is an easy way to share love this Christmas. 

At a time where the mounting cost of living will see many have a more stripped back Christmas, small moments of connection are even more important in spreading the festive spirit. The heartwarming spot evokes feelings of nostalgia by getting creative with the beloved Tin Man and champions love to create a festive spot that delivers this Christmas.  

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