Kelloggs celebrate 25 years of supporting breakfast clubs

The ‘Better Days Are Built on Breakfast’ campaign from Leo Burnett underlines the fact that everyone deserves a good breakfast

Josie Shand



Kellogg has launched a new brand platform, ‘Better Days Are Built on Breakfast’, with a film by Leo Burnett. The new platform is designed to raise awareness of Kellogg’s 25 years of support for breakfast clubs across the UK. 

The new positioning captures the fact that everyone deserves a good breakfast;  no matter where they live, their age, who they live with or the challenges they face. The 30” film highlights Kellogg’s long legacy of tackling food insecurity, providing funding for breakfast clubs in the UK and donating to food banks. 

The documentary-style film begins with a voiceover declaring:  “Breakfast every morning, it’s something everyone deserves.” The film goes on to explain that for some, that’s not always possible, which is why 25 years ago, Kellogg’s led the way by helping to open the UK’s first breakfast clubs. The clip ends with, “Because we know, better days are built on breakfasts.” 

Over the last 25 years, the cereal giant has supported 5,000 schools and has donated over £5 million through its Breakfast Club programme. It aims to increase the size and scope of its programme across the UK this year, supporting another 50% of schools and reaching over 20,000 more children. Kellogg’s also donated over 25 million bowls of cereal to food banks over the last year alone. Globally, the brand is committed to feeding 375 million people in need through food donations by the end of 2030.

The advert features Sacred Heart Primary School from Islington, a school that’s part of Kellogg’s Breakfast Club network. John Lane, executive head teacher said ‘’Our breakfast club provides a lifeline to both the children who attend and their parents. We’re incredibly proud to have our school featured in Kellogg’s new advert and to showcase our amazing pupils.’’ 

The film is currently shown in the UK and Ireland, in the following months it is also due to launch in Europe. It was shot by acclaimed performance director Karen Cunningham from production company 2AM, known for directing multi-award winning film for Barbie, ‘Imagine the Possibilities’. The film will run throughout the year.

Christine O’Brien, Marketing Director at Kellogg,  explained: “We believe every child should start the day with a full tummy, as being hungry can affect how focused they are in class and reduce their mood and ability to learn. Breakfast clubs have really been there for thousands of children in the 25 years that we have been supporting them and our new advert truly brings to life the difference that they make.’’

 “Kellogg is trying to ensure that everyone can have the emotional and physical nourishment of breakfast. Through their Breakfast Clubs they have fed 18 million people across Europe so far, which is just an incredible achievement. Providing for those in need, not only great breakfast but vital social connections and a positive sense of mental well-being. Because better days are built on breakfast,” added Mark Elwood, Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett UK.

Kellogg’s commitment looks to advance sustainable and equitable access to food by addressing the intersection of wellbeing, hunger, sustainability, and equity, diversity and inclusion. 

As the cost of living crisis continues to affect lives across the country, Kellogg’s support of Breakfast Clubs ensures that families get the food they need. It is part of the company’s broader ESG commitment – it's ‘Better Days Promise’. This promise builds on the legacy of founder W.K Kellogg, who believed that part of running a good business was doing good for society.