Kotex breaks period taboos

The Kimberly-Clark owned brand aims to make period care more accessible, with audience-focused packaging, resources, and education

Jeevan Georgina Hammond

Editorial Assistant Creativebrief


Brand design agency, Pearlfisher has created ‘The Pack’ for Kotex, a new design which aims to help educate tween girls in South Africa about the reality of periods.

The Pack by Kotex is a kit that has been designed for girls to use to ‘manage their menstrual health with pride.’ It comes as part of a move to empower young girls by educating them on their bodies and breaking taboos.

To achieve this, Kotex, which is part of the Kimberly-Clark brand,  partnered with Menstrual Health Management’s school education program. Together they are setting out to give young girls in South Africa the information they need to take charge of their menstrual health.

The Pack provides both the materials and education essential to managing menstrual health. At the same time, the name reflects the brand’s intention to nurture a sense of togetherness amongst young girls. The Pack has been designed to help garner a sense of community amongst young girls and bring them together like a pack.

Central to the campaign is The Pack, the kit itself, and its packaging. Pearlfisher wanted to avoid stereotypical aesthetics for the kit’s design. Key to the agency’s approach was swerving patronising connotations to instead boost confidence. Instead of ‘cutesy’ naive imagery that felt outdated, the agency created characters that the audience could relate to.


Four distinct tins and characters make up The Pack. The characters are Kiara, Thembeka, Amy, and Mia and each have their own personality and style. For instance, Kiara is fashion-forward and Thembeka is sporty. The idea was to create a range of female personas that girls could identify with. Thus, engaging  the young audience with the campaign’s messaging.

Commenting on the impact of the design, Alexis Rice, Head of Consumer Engagement at Kimberly-Clark, said: “Through its engaging design elements and relatable characters, Kotex is at the forefront of being a credible expert and a contemporary brand that engages, interacts, and behaves in a way that young women can identify with and be proud to use”.

Part of the design includes a gradient logo, playing on the colour palette of Kotex’s core brand. It aims to both celebrate the diversity of all young girls, allude to gaming aesthetics - particularly relevant to the age group.

Posters which accompany the launch have been designed with school bathrooms in mind. They employ a supportive and reassuring tone of voice, to provide young girls with comfort when they might need it most.

Jess Phillips, Creative Director at Pearlfisher, explained the goal for the design. She said: “The Pack goes beyond the traditional functionality of fem-care to transform menstrual education into an engaging, empowering experience for girls navigating puberty. The design needed to reflect this, both to engage and empower this young generation and to help foster a sense of community and unity among students”.

As well as supporting the girls, The Pack comes with a guide for parents or guardians. The guide continues menstrual education, and helps to further break down taboos whilst also fostering trust for the brand.

The Pack by Kotex is a shining example of a brand adding value beyond a product. Not only is the kit practically helpful to young girls in South Africa, but the message of education is also one of vital importance. A first period can be a scary and confusing time, but The Pack is doing its bit to alleviate that nature fear for these girls. With a focus on education and taboo-busting, Kotex goes beyond product offering to focus instead on purpose.