Media Bounty and Ocean Spray encourages women to ‘Be Your Berry Best’

The campaign aims to challenge stereotypes and represent women authentically

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief



A myriad of data points underline the fact that women don’t feel advertising represents them in an authentic way. With this in mind Media Bounty have created a new campaign for Ocean Spray to show women as they really are. The  ‘Be Your Berry Best’ campaign is Media Bounty’s first campaign for Ocean spray and is focused on showing real women and their various hobbies..

The films feature the real stories of people and their passions in life. Audiences see the founder of an ‘Old Girls’ football club, a professional drummer and an office worker-turned-yoga instructor all inspired to pursue their hobbies. The film closes with the line ‘go on, be your berry best’, while the women take a swig of Ocean Spray Cranberry juice. The uplifting ad encourages women to give themselves a push and achieve whatever they want in life. 

“‘It’s fair to say that some of the most amazing things that have ever happened to me, have probably also been the most terrifying. And I think that’s something most of us can relate to, in one way or another. It’s difficult to step out of our comfort zones, and why would you? They’re so comfy. At the risk of sounding like a motivational poster - it’s only by challenging ourselves, that we get the best out of life. True fact. It’s why I got excited when Ocean Spray were immediately onboard with the idea of championing real women from diverse backgrounds, pushing every day to be the very best version of themselves… whatever that may look like.” explained Francois Boshoff, Creative Director at Media Bounty. 

The campaign launched on VOD, SkyAdSmart, instore and social from the 19th April. Activity is supported by in store advertising, influencer activity, social content and a charity video with Threeps.  Media Bounty was responsible for a fully integrated campaign, including creative and media strategy, media planning, campaign management and design. The production process was run in partnership with Meldrum Dent. 

‘We are really excited to demonstrate that Ocean Spray really understands what it takes to step out of the ordinary, and we want to hero women who do – even in their everyday.'' added Caroline Bethell, Europe Managing Director at Ocean Spray.

With women growing tired of the unrealistic representation of themselves within advertising, this uplifting slot focuses on authenticity, presenting audiences with women they are familiar with. Seeing this accurate representation on-screen builds brand trust, reassuring audiences that they are seen by the brand and that they too can share in the benefits of the product.

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