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MOJU shakes up the morning routine

The Wake Shake Boom campaign created by Who Wot Why positions MOJU’s fiery ginger shot as an integral part of the wake up process

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Eat Sleep Wake Shake Boom Repeat; drinks brand, MOJU’s first ever out-of-home campaign positions its fiery ginger shot as an integral part of the morning routine.

The punchy campaign titled, ‘Wake Shake Boom’ has been developed by Who Wot Why with help from media agency, Bicycle. Central to the campaign the brand has launched its first-ever music video that introduces the routine with the help of a catchy dance track.

The drinks brand is challenging consumers to shake up their morning routines and inject some energy into the morning. The fun mnemonic is made up of three parts; wake, waking up the nation from an energy slump; shake, shaking up the morning routine; boom, firing up the day with a MOJU Ginger Shot.

“We aim to demonstrate that healthy habits don’t have to be boring; it can be as simple as taking a shot of cold-pressed raw ingredients to kickstart your day.” explains Jon Marchant, Marketing Director at MOJU.

MOJU aims to awaken the senses with sound, sight and taste and brings this vision to life via a bold music video, bright posters and a unique temperature triggered billboard. 

The fun music features the original track, WAKE SHAKE, BOOM, which has been produced by Berlin based music producer Dom Edgley. The fast paced, dance track will get audiences moving while the surreal music video features a cocky cockerel and a diva solo from a piece of ginger. The song is available to stream on Spotify and to use on TikTok. 

The campaign is set to reach 80% of Londoners with striking lifestyle led visual imagery shot by Tom Cockram at Probation Agency. The artwork builds upon the music video and three step routine through bold type. 

MOJU has featured key figures from their community such as Tyler Williams-Green, from their charity partner Outrunners and Andre Coggins from Track Mafia. A selection of posters will have digital activity included, allowing passers-by to download a voucher to access a free MOJU Ginger Shot that is redeemable in stores nationwide.  

As part of the OOH activity MOJU has also taken over a billboard in Canary Wharf that uses real time technology to target consumers at different times of day. As the temperature drops, consumers will see unique MOJU messaging, offering tired commuters a free shot when they need it most.

The campaign builds upon the idea of habit stacking, infiltrating the morning routine to position MOJU as part of a healthy wake up. The catchy track alongside clever OOH media placement helps solidify the brand in the minds of audiences. Successfully communicating thats small changes in your routine can help improve your day. 

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