Nike campaign urges young people to get involved in sport

The new campaign addresses the many barriers young people face when it comes to sports participation.

Josie Shand



If you have a body, you are an athlete. This is the inclusive belief that sits at the heart of the Nike brand. To bring this ethos to life the global sports giant has created a new series spotlighting communities helping young people overcome barriers to sport. A campaign designed to showcase the belief that you don't have to fit into sport - sport should fit you.

The campaign 'How We Do' is presented by Influencer and Presenter, Nella Rose. Together with her new friends Issatta, Naomi, and Zyanarah, Nella is challenged to try out boxing for the first time at Dwaynamics Boxing Club in South London.

Created by We Are Pi, the first episode of the ‘How We Do’ series runs for six minutes introducing the young women to the world of Boxing. The aim of the campaign is to encourage young people to take up sport while spotlighting the communities that help to remove the potential barriers.

Throughout the film, the group discusses the barriers which have prevented them from pursuing sport. They comment on the education system failing to prioritise girls’ interests and a lack of women in the sporting space for them to look up to or feel comfortable around. This is a great insight into the sad reality of young people today and the barriers faced especially in young women. This is something that initiatives such as ‘Step Into Sport’ focus on combating so that young people can enjoy the physical and mental benefits that sporting activities share.

The group meet Coach Steph at Dwaynamics Boxing Club, who explains how she wanted to create a space for black and Muslim women to feel comfortable when taking part in sport, as well as empowering vulnerable youth. Adding to the female powerhouse, Dina Asher-Smith, British Olympic sprinter and the fastest British woman on record, also pops up in the episode to offer the group advice on how to combat fears around sport and find their passion.

To end the series, the group takes part in a final boxing challenge and finally discusses how each of them felt empowered after taking part. Nike aims to create more episodes of the ‘How We Do’ series that will continue to touch on the various barriers preventing young people from entering sport. In addition the campaign will extend to activations highlighting the grassroots communities that can offer support to those looking to get into sport.

The uplifting campaign not only inspires young people to get involved in sport whether that be independently or with friends. It highlights the issue and encourages conversations on the difficult topics around sports participation in hopes for more change. Young people who have felt discouraged to participate are not alone and they can overcome these barriers with the right support.