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Pandora goes beyond romantic love for Valentine’s Day

The campaign ‘Be Love’ encourages consumers to embrace love all year round

Jeevan Georgina Hammond

Editorial Assistant Creativebrief


Valentine’s Day can be full of cliches, but jewellery brand Pandora is capitalising on the holiday to promote love all year round. The campaign, ‘Be Love’, embraces love as a way of living, in all its forms.

It comes as part of the brand’s growth strategy, with the aim to drive desirability and brand perception. Within the multi-season activation, Pandora exhibits a range of collections, including jewellery made of sterling silver, 14K gold, Murano glass, and lab-grown diamonds.

Taking centre stage is the 60 second hero video, featuring many recognisable faces and various types of love. Three new global brand ambassadors are featured; Chloe Bailey, Halle Bailey, and Selma Blair.


Sisters and artists Chloe and Halle highlight the love between siblings, while author and advocate Selma Blair portrays the love between a mother and child. Alongside these ambassadors, the hero films also features artist and model, Sasha Pivovarova, who forefronts passion in art form. Model couples and friends further expand Pandora’s definitions of love.

The various explorations of love all serve to highlight the ‘Be Love’ message, that love is more than a feeling; it is a way of being. Pandora’s campaign, which comes ahead of Valentine’s Day, positions love as a way of moving through the world.

Pandora’s CMO, Mary Carmen Gasco-Buisson, explained this idea, saying: “For Pandora, love is more than a day on the calendar - it’s more personal and encompassing than that. It starts with each of us, and it is embodied in how we live our lives. That is the essence of our new BE LOVE brand campaign. It brings to life our brand purpose of giving a voice to people’s loves”.

The campaign comes as Pandora moves to change its public perception. The brand aims to transform its image from a primarily charm and bracelet-based offering, into a full jewellery brand.

By showcasing love in all its forms, Pandora’s ‘Be Love’ maximises the marketing potential of Valentine’s Day and reminds consumers that love goes beyond romantic relationships.