Plenty gifts free weddings to couples who ‘Vow to Clean’

The campaign acknowledges the reality of long-term relationship commitment

Jeevan Georgina Hammond

Editorial Assistant Creativebrief


Kitchen roll brand, Plenty, spotlights the realities of romantic love in its  ‘Vow To Clean’ campaign. Created with the help of AMV BBDO, the brand, owned by Essity, reminds audiences that real love includes mess and so as part of the campaign the activation offers couples the chance to win a free wedding ceremony if part of their vows includes a commitment to cleaning.

The campaign follows the ‘Love Is Messy’ platform launched in 2020. It comes after a unique insight which correlates having a healthy relationship with cleaning and having a strong romantic relationship.

A survey of 1000 British couples found that 71% of respondents believed cleaning to be a core aspect of a healthy, cohabitating relationship. One third of participants even agreed that commitment to cleaning should be a part of marital vows. 72% shared the belief that cleaning is an act of love. Over 60% said they would prefer a cleaned kitchen to a bunch of flowers.

With this in mind, Plenty launched its ‘Vow to Clean’ campaign. It positions the brand as a helpful tool in a happy relationship. The hero video is a dreamy 30-second-long compilation of various wedding ceremonies and cleaning vows.

Romantic scenes of wedding day preparation and being at the altar are accompanied by different voiceovers. Each details a partner’s cleaning commitments. For instance, a groom vows to ‘scoop hair gunk from the plughole, even when I go bald’.

Plenty even shares that some research shows 1 in 4 marriages come to an end due to arguments about household chores. In the spirit of encouraging healthy, long-lasting relationships, Plenty launched its free wedding competition. Up to three couples had the chance to win, having entered via the brand’s website.

Leanne McLeod, Brand Manager of Essity UK, said: “By bringing this unique insight to life through a fun, engaging creative, we want to start a campaign to encourage the nation to clean for each other, so their love stays stronger and Plenty is thought of as an ally in positive cleaning behaviours”.

Accompanying the release, AMV BBDO launched a social media campaign. PR agency Ketchum supported the work.

Simple, comedic sentiment drives home the message that marriage is about commitment in all its forms. The campaign celebrates love and acknowledges the realities of long-term relationship commitment, demonstrating how simple household tasks are a love language in themselves.

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