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Twitter celebrates TBWA\London #poweredbytweets campaign at RISE

Watch the session from this year’s RISE2022

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Needing to wee more frequently, persistent bloating, persistent stomach pain and feeling full more quickly are the four main symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. With one woman dying of ovarian cancer every two hours, it is imperative women do not ignore the symptoms of cancer as the sooner diagnosed, the better chance of survival. 

Earlier this year at RISE, Gémina Gil Flores and Jemma Burgess, Art Director and Copywriter at TBWA took to the stage alongside Sophie Trinder, Head of Twitter Next UK to delve into the TBWA\London Twitter campaign that shone a light on Ovarian Cancer and launch the next iteration of the Powered By Tweets Award.

The campaign, #followedbycancer, used the medium of Twitter to bring to life the way in which it is all too easy to ignore the important, potentially life-threatening changes to your body which could signal ovarian Cancer. 

The agency created a range of Twitter handles highlighting symptoms; with names such as "I need a wee again", "bloated belly", "my tummy hurts" and "feel full quickly". Despite tweeting regularly tweeting, most of the accounts were completely ignored by everyone they've followed; 7500 people with ovaries, the same number that get diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year. 

As winner of the #poweredbytweets competition, the campaign was funded by £100,000 worth of free Twitter Advertising. The campaign exemplified the way in which Twitter can be used as a creative platform to reach audiences in a unique way and amplify the important issue.

At RISE, the annual competition run by Twitter called for entries to the competition where it hopes to partner with the creative industry to launch ideas for good across the globe.

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