VMLY&R turns to books to promote carbon neutral toilet roll

For International Day of Forests, VMLY&R and Serious Tissues create a seriously silly loo-side book for the UK’s first carbon neutral toilet roll company.

Josie Shand



Each day one million trees are cut down around the world to create toilet paper. Serious Tissues, the UK’s first carbon neutral toilet roll, has launched a special edition book to raise awareness of this issue at a time when the climate crisis continues to rise up the business agenda. 

To celebrate tree lovers everywhere the ‘Kamasutree’ book, created by VMLY&R, uses fully recycled materials and features playful illustrations and comedic copy. The tongue-in-cheek play on the well-known book of love, ‘Kamasutra’, offers up the best positions and advice for engaging in tree loving.

Working with London-based illustrator Serge Seidlitz, the loo-side literature features 24 different ways to love trees. Designed to bring to life the brand’s commitment in caring for the planet, these illustrations are also popping up in wild locations. 

The launch of the Kamasutree coincides with the UN’s International Day of Forests, where local, national, and international communities are encouraged to partake in activities involving forests and trees – this includes tree planting, an action that Serious Tissues takes for every roll sold.    

There will be a recycled print run of 69 copies which will be shared with influencers and available  for Serious Tissues customers to win through their Instagram page. The book will also be available to view digitally on Serious Tissues’ website as an ebook.

Chris Baker, Founder at Serious Tissues, explained: “We don't believe any trees should be cut down for toilet roll. In fact, we do the opposite and plant trees with every sale. We’ve planted 1.7million so far with a current rate of over 25k trees a week – the equivalent of six Hyde Parks planted every single week. We want this seriously silly book to encourage others to love trees as much as we do, and have a little fun along the way.” 


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