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The Multi-Hyphen Method

Izzy Ashton

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Emma Gannon - The Multi-Hyphen Method
Emma Gannon Ph. Holly McGlynn for the Evening Standard

Why do we sit at a desk all day? If you really thought about it, is sitting integral to your job? Or could you simply pick up your laptop, shove it in your bag and set off towards the sunset?

From a side hustle to a home-grown business or weekend hobby, call it what you want but many people are exploring the realms beyond their day job and championing their side pursuits. The reality is that the way we work is changing. You can learn new skills from YouTube, meet new bosses on Twitter and discover hobbies are not just for weekends.

This level of freedom is something that the blogger, podcaster and author Emma Gannon explores in her latest book The Multi-Hyphen Method. She delves into the importance of working smarter and better, not longer.

Gannon has written a business book for a generation who shy away from the traditional definition of business. The cover’s call to action motivates you to “Work less, create more and design a career that works for you”.

Gannon previously worked in PR and then at both the Debrief and Glamour magazine. Her first book Ctrl Alt Delete: How I Grew Up Online was part memoir part deep dive into what it was like to grow up alongside technology. Her podcast of the same name is a series of interviews with creatives from any and every sector including Greta Gerwig, Zoella and June Sarpong.

The book unpacks all the myths that circulate about the detrimental effects of juggling too many plates. As it says, “You have the ability to make money on your own terms, when and where you want – but where do you start?”

Visit Emma Gannon’s website to find out more.

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