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At the end of 2023 we round up BITE’s Big Questions tackling the key issues that got the industry talking this year

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director Creativebrief


Driving a culture of curiosity is always at the top of the industry thought leadership agenda and front and centre of agency positioning decks. But if curiosity is going to be more than just an often employed buzzword then asking better questions must remain at the top of the industry agenda.

Yet with data from Microsoft showing a 252% increase in the time spent in Microsoft Teams meetings since February 2020 making the space to listen and learn isn’t always easy. In an industry ecosystem of meeting overload, it is all too easy to sit in meetings waiting to speak, rather than taking the time to listen and learn.

In a year in which crisis mode became the norm, it is all too easy to skim the surface of the issues and ideas making a difference in our industry. With this in mind here is a round up of BITE’s Big Questions of 2023. 

Are brands guilty of adding to consumers' January blues?

In place of outdated messaging, industry leaders discussed the power of optimism as an antidote for January’s toxic ‘new year new you’ messaging. 

Have the ingredients of a successful Super Bowl spot changed in 2023?

February of this year saw the 57th annual superbowl kick off. In light of the event, we asked how brands can stand out in a fragmented media landscape during such an iconic advertising moment.

What does the ‘de-influencing’ trend mean for cost of living creativity?

We asked industry experts to weigh in on what brands needed to know about the ‘de-influencing’ trend.

Will 2023 be the year rugby marketing moves beyond ‘blood sweat and tears’?

When the Six Nations began earlier this year, and the Rugby World Cup was still on its way, we had industry experts consider how to maximise on the marketing opportunities of the sport. 

Is the profit versus purpose debate past its use by date?

We heard how meaningful campaigns can have both a positive societal impact and drive business growth.

Is generational marketing still relevant in an era when age no longer equates to a life stage?

With a lack of advertising representation for the over 55 market, industry leaders discussed embracing a full spectrum of consumer experience, extending beyond age.

Have the creative industries failed to embrace the true opportunity of hybrid work?

Following the pandemic, working life experienced a shift in operation. As a new routine is established, we asked industry leaders to have their say on the future of creative work.

Are brands doing enough to capitalise on the marketing opportunity of the Women’s World Cup?

In the lead up to the Women’s World Cup, industry leaders shared their thoughts on the advertising for the historic tournament.

Are brands contributing to a content obesity crisis?

In June we heard from those in the know, about how brands can keep up with an always on marketing ecosystem, without oversaturating.

Does awards culture perpetuate the myth of a frictionless creative process?

As Cannes Lions got underway, we asked industry leaders if it was time to get more honest about what it takes to create genre-defining work.

Authentic allyship extends beyond Pride

During pride month, we heard about how brands can authentically communicate support for LGBTQ+ individuals in a tense political climate. 

Do brands need to do more than offer consumers’ ‘empty empathy’ in the wake of permacrisis?

In times of crisis, how can brands find ways to create authentic connections with consumers? We heard thoughts from industry leaders. 

No such thing as too much merch?

During the summer of Barbie, we discovered what brands can learn from the Barbie school of brand experience. 

Accelerating awareness to action

In a new era of brand activism, should brands be moving away from awareness to tangible actions and investments? 

How brands should navigate the Threads hype cycle

After turmoil with X, we asked industry experts how brands can engage with the newly released Threads.

Finding the space to stay curious in an always-on marketing ecosystem

Curious teams are the most creative, and summertime was the perfect moment to step outside and embrace inspiration.

Should fashion brands be doing more to encourage consumers to make sustainable shopping choices?

With London Fashion Week in full swing, we had industry experts consider how brands can promote more sustainable shopping habits.

Should the industry be doing more to embrace AI?

How can the industry better embrace the opportunities afforded by AI, while also protecting the unique lens of human-centric creativity?

Are agencies and brands guilty of unfairly stereotyping Generation Z?

Age related marketing continues to split opinion amongst brands and agencies.

When it comes to Generation Z are agencies and brands guilty of resting on unfair stereotypes?

In the second part of our BITE big question, we asked agency leaders how to better connect with young consumers.

Did brands do enough to mark Black History Month?

At the end of Black History Month, industry leaders shared their thoughts on brand involvement.

Should brands embrace light relief this Christmas?

Striking the right tone for Christmas this year was no easy feat for brands and advertisers.

Should the creative industry be doing more to elevate culture?

We asked industry leaders how the industry can ensure that culture is more than just an empty buzzword.

Do brands need to shoulder more of the burden for creating more sustainable shopping habits this Christmas and take the pressure off consumers?

In a season of excess, industry leaders considered how to keep sustainability top of mind this year and beyond.

Do brands need to do more to redefine value to consumers in the run up to Christmas?

With budgets for both advertisers and consumers tight, this year the onus was on value.

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