Creativebrief unveils the trends shaping modern marketing

The Industry Insights 2024 report explores the topics on marketing leaders minds today

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Connecting with culture is the underlying theme of Creativebrief’s Industry Insights 2024 report. The report, which is free to download, delves into the themes on the minds of progressive brand leaders.

Overwhelmingly the insights uncover that for brands that aim to create work that has true impact and authentically engages with audiences, keeping a close connection with culture is key.

Based on robust research and conversations with some of the industry’s most forward-thinking agencies and brands, the report distils the key trends emerging from the work and campaigns on Creativebrief’s leading marketing intelligence platform. The report is firmly rooted in the trends impacting the creative work of today.

“At Creativebrief, we have the great privilege of sitting at the heart of the marketing and advertising industry. Our latest insights report distils our daily conversations with brands and the data and content on the platform itself to provide an idea of what’s on the minds of progressive brands,” explains Katharine Pebworth, Head of Marketing & PR at Creativebrief.

Contributing to a culture of curiosity

The report delves into eight key themes to consider how brands and agencies can best connect with audiences and contribute to a culture of curiosity within the creative industry.

Key emerging themes include how the comfort of nostalgia is providing solace in a world no stranger to crisis. As well as how leaning into fandoms can make ready-made brand advocates out of audiences. Another core trend in a post pandemic world is how humour is having a comeback both in the most popular work and at Cannes Lions. As organisations and individuals alike seek the solace of light relief.

“From leaning into the comfort of nostalgia to celebrating the weird (and wonderful), we’re seeing that brands who connect with consumers using a culture-first approach are producing increasingly successful work,” adds Charlie Carpenter, CEO at Creativebrief.

In a bid to help both brands and agencies stay at the bleeding edge of curiosity and creativity, the report aims to help drive creative excellence that is both commercially successful and socially conscious.

Download the report below.