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What artists can teach us about storytelling?

Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Artists are storytellers. By presenting her bed as art, Tracey Emin is revealing her personal story, that she’s as insecure and imperfect as the rest of the world. Similarly, effective marketing should always have a defined purpose and a compelling story.

Brands have often looked upon the art world to help bring their stories to life. The gallery experience establishes an intimacy between the artist and viewer, which brands look to replicate. This month creative agency Leagas

Delaney collaborated with the Saatchi Gallery and Patek Philippe on Watch Art, an exhibition of 400 timepieces throughout 21 themed rooms. The exhibition provided a rare insider’s perspective into the art of watchmaking.

Visitors could contemplate the handmade craft and layers of complexity, just as they would a work of art . To make the experience even more immersive a master watchmaker built timepieces in the exhibition space.

The Saatchi Gallery had previously collaborated with Hermés, creating a surreal Parisian world inspired by the brand. Before that Rolls-Royce crafted a multi-sensory experience, where bespoke interactive art installations told stories of colour, technology and materials.

Brands will work with artists not only t o illustrate a story, but to harness that artist’s influence and give authenticity to their own products. Nike Global Energy was established for Nike to collaborate with artists across music, fashion and design. Much of their work is exhibited at design festivals across the globe, giving the brand a relevance to this influential audience.

Collaboration between brands and the art world continues to result in some of the most creative, engaging and immersive marketing.

Read on for examples…

Royal Ascot Illustrate Their Colourful History

Royal Ascot wanted their audience to rediscover the rich history behind the event and make it relevant in new, unexpected ways. The 2014 campaign celebrated its diversity with Royal Academist David Mach bringing decades of the world’s best racing, pageantry and style into one collage titled, ‘The Great British Drama.’ With an invitation to the Great British public to ‘Join the cast’.

As well as giving the event a fresh and modern feel, the collage also featured famous moments and personalities, including The Royal Procession.

The ‘impossible race’ at the centre of the collage was made from winners across Royal

Ascot’s history. These stories were pulled out in more detail across different media and digital channels, enabling the creative to be used in a more flexible way.

This year Royal Ascot commissioned an intricate embroidery by artist Lauren

DiCioccio to capture the unique majesty of the event. Similarly the work captured different moments of the rich offering and helped to secure its status as the go-to event of The Season.

Agency: Antidote

YOY increase in ticket sales revenue
more guests at Royal Ascot

Google Create An Art And Culture Institute

Google had an ambition to translate the world’s most significant moments from history, art and culture into a living archive of online experiences.

To make this happen they developed a platform that allowed millions of cultural assets to be explored in unparalleled detail. Users can zoom into paintings to see the brush stroke texture or view previously unseen documents like the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights with Eleanor Roosevelt’s hand-written notes. This project enabled Google to bring the worlds of art and culture to new audiences.

Agency: Beyond

Leica Capture The Power And Beauty Of Photography

‘100’ honors the 100th anniversary of the first Leica camera and the opening of Leica Gallery São Paulo in November 2014. A space to exhibit some of the world’s most famous photography, the gallery helps Leica to cement its place in history. The two minute film highlights the influence of the German brand which, through its cameras, helped elevate photography from the studio into real life, expanding the universe for photographers and forever changing the relationship of mankind with this form of art.

Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

Johnnie Walker Immerse Fans In Taste And Flavour

Johnnie Walker set out to create a luxury brand experience for Shanghai that would encompass the sensation you get when drinking this iconic whisky. Aimed at an invite-only audience hungry for knowledge and rich brand storytelling, the Johnnie Walker House delivers a series of layered narratives, art installations and immersive experiences designed to enthral, captivate and convert guests from being simply whisky curious to whisky evangelists.

Agency: LOVE

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