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Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


When millennials were asked by the Cassandra Report to define their generation, the overwhelming response was “globally connected”.

As we travel to different countries collecting friends, colleagues, stories and experiences, technology gives us new ways to stay connected. The relationships we create and cultures we experience all change our perspective of the world. For global news I’ll look to a Facebook friend in that country over an established broadcaster.

A more transient existence means we’re generally owning less and moving around more. There’s an opportunity for brands to help facilitate this by forming local partnerships, or adopting flexible contract models that can be used anywhere in the world.

PayPal enables us to pay anywhere, City Mapper can help us find our way around and networks such as Skype and WhatsApp mean we can keep in touch. Brands like Soho House Group are creating their own network of like-minded individuals, providing them a sense of belonging all over the world.

The networks we build are powerful; they help shape our choices and define who we are. Brands can help their customers stay connected and in turn develop a more meaningful relationship with them.

Read on for examples…

Facebook Takes One Boy On An Unforgettable Journey

Higher data costs, limited technological access and high market competition resulted in low user adoption of the Messenger app in the Mexican market.

Facebook created a campaign which invited the people of Mexico to collaborate in the story of a young boy from a small town on a user-generated journey across the country. Using the primary Facebook newsfeed, campaign page and Cris’ profile page, fans were invited to participate in his trip directly via the Messenger app.

Real-time content that demonstrated the value of the Messenger app was created for the Facebook pages as a way to create connections.


Agency: B-Reel Ltd, London & SID LEE, Paris

4.7 million
Mexican fans engaged directly with the social experiment
200 million
total reach for the campaign

Momondo Points Us In The Right Direction

Friend Compass is an app that brings a new social dimension to typical flight searches. The app turns your phone into a real working compass, plotting the names of your Facebook friends in the directions they live around the world, at the same time showing the cost of a flight to go and visit them.

Agency: McCann London

Western Union Helps Migrants To Send Themselves Home

Most of us have an innate desire to be closer to home. Western Union created a campaign that helped people to digitally send themselves home, either by 360° interactive self-portrait or a 3D printed lifelike model. To do this they built a custom 360° photobooth which toured the country.


Agency: Lowe Profero

KLM Show Us How To Deliver The Perfect High Five

The perfect high-five was all about timing and on-screen hand placement. Participants in New York and Amsterdam made a World Deal across the ocean via live video streaming. The winners of the perfect high-five each received a ticket to the other city and KLM brought their proposition to life by bringing the two cities closer together.

Agency: Eigen Fabrikaat

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