Creating The Ooh Effect

Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


When Clarence Worley (Christian Slater), meets Alabama Whitman (Patricia Arquette), it’s love at first sight. After a heady night of passion Alabama confesses she’s a call girl, they’ve already fallen in love and decide to get married. The backdrop to this iconic scene in True Romance is the billboard.

Whether in the movies or real life, outdoor advertising has moved on from being a static part of the set to having a genuine part to play, with a two way dialogue. Two of the world’s biggest OOH advertising companies are experimenting with new interactive technology - Connect for Clear Channel Outdoor and Touch for JCDecaux - enabling brands to create a seamless connection between out-of-home, mobile and customers.

In an always-on world this touch-point is an opportunity to drive deeper brand engagement on top of the traditional big awareness statements that outdoor has previously been known for. Whether it’s providing up-to-date news, a platform for social engagement, a method of personalising products, or a window to connect people. Out-of-home activity needs to be more than just a backdrop. It needs to be part of the conversation.

#Frontrow With Google+

Google+ and Manchester United gave loyal fans around the world the opportunity to cheer on their team during a live match via #FRONTROW - a Google+ Hangout shown on Old Trafford’s pioneering digital hoardings during United vs Liverpool. Throughout the match they were able to share in the magic of being at Old Trafford, joining 75,000 ticket holders and fellow #FRONTROW participants from around the world.

Manchester United’s Group Managing Director, Richard Arnold, said: “This ground-breaking initiative offers a dynamic and innovative way for our fans worldwide to get even closer to the club they love. When we expanded our latest social media platforms last summer Manchester United became the fastest sports organisation to reach one million followers on Google+.”

Agency: adam&eveDDB, London

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100 million
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Mcdonald’s Welcomes Visitors To Little Piccadilly

McDonald’s created the world’s first fully interactive 24/7 digital poster site in Piccadilly Circus, London. As people pass by they’re invited to create their own animated character and send it directly to the screen via their smartphone, becoming a permanent resident of Little Piccadilly for all to see.

Agency: Leo Burnett, London

A Personal Mini Greeting

Nine digital poster sites were transformed along the Cromwell Road to give real-time, personal greetings to every MINI that passed.

An experiential layer was added with drivers receiving spontaneous rewards like coffee or flowers. Photos of the participating drivers were then published on the campaign website.

Agency: Vizeum

Microsoft Office Works From Anywhere

A fleet of Office 365 taxis hit London streets giving passengers the option to use free Wi-Fi on the move. Wi-Fi park benches, lawn art, a tube take-over and an exclusive Lions 2013 Rugby partnership proved that Microsoft Office 365 lets you ‘Work From Anywhere.'

Agency: UM

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