Enrich Your Story With Technology

Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


You are Runner Five – you live in a small outpost of humanity among a sea of zombies, and you have to run to get supplies. Everyone wants to be the hero of their own movie and Zombies.Run! is a fitness app that taps into this. Let’s face it: running is more exciting when you’re being chased by zombies.

There are many creative ways to trigger the imagination and bring products and brands to life using technology. Imagine your room turning orange as you read about flying away on a fire breathing dragon. The Philips Disney StoryLight makes this a reality by connecting to the Storytime app.

Technology has the ability to enrich the experiences we have with everyday products and the internet opens up an opportunity for all objects to be connected. Mobile and virtual reality devices mean we can dive into unknown or unseen places. Streetmuseum gave us a window into the past through the smartphone and devices like Oculus Rift mean we can now feel like we’re walking among these bygone scenes.

The smartest brands are thinking about how we interact with technology and the creative ways it can be used to help reinforce and tell their stories in a more evocative manner.

Read on for examples…

Honda Allows Viewers To See The Other Side

Honda is renowned for its reputation of engineering excellence, technology and reliability. But it’s the brand’s other side, born from a racing heritage and thirst for innovation, which this campaign heroes. As the film asserts, Type R is the wild child alter-ego of the Civic hatchback that customers know and trust.

To Launch the  Type R, Honda created a dual-sided 3-minute film where two parallel high-adrenaline tales seamlessly mirror each other. This pioneering interactive You Tube video presents an alternative side of the story with the press of the ‘R’ key. Each viewer is given the power to drive the film, toggling between two parallel stories.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy London

50,000 times
number of times the experience was shared
2.3 million
visits to the campaign website with 1.8m unique visitors

Durex Let's Us Peek Behind the Curtains

Durex have created the world's first synchronised dual-screen film to launch their dedicated UK e-commerce site. Harnessing new technology, the Durex app allows people to see the ad's characters from an alternative perspective and give viewers a glimpse at what's going on behind closed doors across the UK. 

Agency: Havas Worldwide

Alexander Wang X H&M Launch With Video Game Style Content

To launch their latest collaboration with H&M, Alexander Wang Studio created a video-game-inspired interactive film. The cast of athletic characters show off the performance-wear functionalities of the clothes by running and jumping through extreme environments.

By interacting with the film viewers could influence the story and purchase the clothes online.

Agency: B-Reel Ltd, London

Smartreplica Unlocks The Untold Stories Of Museum Artefacts

Developed with Dutch designer Maaike Roozenburg, SmartReplica is a tech-driven storytelling startup that connects content to physical objects. Priceless museum artefacts are scanned and 3D printed giving the public an opportunity to use these rare objects. SmartReplica adds a layer of history only to be discovered when using the augmented reality app.

Agency: Likefriends, Amsterdam

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