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How to convince your customers to swipe right

Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


There’s no point starting a conversation you can’t be an authentic part of. As marketers we need to open our eyes to cultural and consumer behaviour and adapt in a way that’s genuine to our brands.

The sheer amount of tech and social platforms is overwhelming and finding a credible voice within each one is an ongoing challenge. Sean Rad, Co-Founder of Tinder, spoke about how they’ve successfully incorporated brands into the global dating app. Tinder users are already open-minded when it comes to new experiences, a solid starting point for a new conversation. By keeping within the existing format Tinder allows users to retain control over who or what they engage with. The app challenges brands to create content that will make its users swipe right (an action they’re currently trying to patent).

When asked “How do you measure success?” it was who said “Adoption. That’s when you know you have penetrated.” One of the success stories of this year was The Ice Bucket Challenge. By tapping into the cultural behaviour of sharing something funny, the chance to be part of a global conversation (one that includes your favourite celebs) and the opportunity to demonstrate some creativity, ALS Association transformed from a little known charity into a global phenomenon picking up 11 Cannes Lions along the way.

A brand that can mould to human behaviour and adjust to new surroundings is one that will have a continual cultural relevance. As Charles Darwin astutely noted, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable.”

Read on for examples…

Geico Invent The Unskippable Youtube Ad

A pre-roll ad essentially stops a viewer from watching their chosen content, in which case to prevent that skip it needs to really capture the imagination in the first five seconds.

The USGovernment Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) wanted to take a lowinterest category and inject some humour.

Their answer – The Unskippable Ad, because in the first five seconds the ad is already over.

The ads are in fact longer than five seconds, where ironically they are successful in holding the viewers’ attention with a simple creative idea and no additional information.

Actors mimic a freeze frame while activity, such as a background explosion or a dog jumping up at a table happens, around them. The simplicity of the idea is why it succeeds in being so engaging. The result is a dwell time that is longer than the initial five seconds.

Agency: The Martin Agency US

skip pre-roll ads
hours of video added to YouTube every 60 seconds

Lidl Rename Milk In Response To Social Tweet

Customers like to complain and through social media even uninformed customers can get their point of view heard. In response to an untrue, yet potentially harmful post about their milk, Lidl hosted a stunt in which it renamed all of its Angens milk product, ‘Bosse’s Milk’, after the person who posted the original comment. The company had all the cartons redesigned, adding Bosse’s photograph and question as well as Lidl’s personal reply, explaining that their Angens private label has been 100% Swedish since 2010.

Agency: Indigo Sweden

Intermarche Create “The Freshest Orange Juice”

We’re a generation who want to know our food is fresh. 550 million litres of orange juice are sold throughout the world everyday. Intermarche used these insights to bring new customers into their stores by creating a juice brand whose name is the exact minute the juice was made. 50 million media impressions were earned on the first day and fresh orange juice sales multiplied by 4,600% per store. Global in store traffic increased by 25% and in the first three days Intermarche completely ran out of oranges.

Agency: Marcel France

Quicksilver Help Japanese Businessmen Rediscover The Waves

Surfing is one of the most popular sports in Japan, but most men hang up their wetsuit when they start a full time career. Quicksilver Japan wanted to help over-worked businessmen to regain their work/surf balance.

‘True Wetsuits’ are authentic, high quality wetsuits that can also be worn in the boardroom. The revolutionary new product allows sports-minded workaholics to head straight from the office to the beach. The 2015 model has already sold out and pre-orders for 2016 have demonstrated the popularity of this idea.


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