Hilton highlights the benefits of hotels

The campaign from TBWA\London highlights the luxury nature of hotels while poking fun at holidays with hidden costs

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


There’s nothing worse than spending money on a holiday only to arrive to hidden costs, host rules and more stress than at home. In Hilton’s latest campaign from TBWA\London the hotel brand pokes fun at such holidays to highlight the ease, convenience and quality of Hilton Hotels.

To support the brand’s global brand platform, ‘Hilton. For The Stay’, Hilton has launched a brand new campaign inspired by consumer insights that found the stay is the crucial element that can make or break any trip.

The overarching brand platform, ‘Hilton. For the Stay’ places the stay front and centre of a going away experience. In the midst of a cost of living where customers want to spend money on quality experiences, the pendulum is swinging back toward inclusive travel experiences that focus on comfort, convenience and inclusiveness. Where many travel brands focus solely on the destination, this campaign encourages audiences to think of the holistic travel experience and make sure guests consider high quality service where they feel well catered to.

This idea is brought to life in the campaign’s hero film, “It Matters Where You Stay” that shows a woman checking into a hotel being asked if she would like any extras added to her stay. Such extras include luggage storage, coffee making and even electricity. When the woman asks whether they were included when she booked, an unsympathetic receptionist pulls a chord that unfurls a banner saying “Happy Surprise Extras” as an oompah band plays a lively tune from a hidden supply cupboard.  

The creative then flips to show the alternative as the woman then goes to check in to a DoubleTree by Hilton hotel. In this instance, on arrival she is checked in with ease and even offered a complimentary warm cookie. The voiceover by actor Sophie Okenado explains: “When you don't want to trawl through the small print, it matters where you stay.” Reinforcing the ease and luxury of a Hilton hotel.

The integrated campaign is being backed by a £7 million media investment that will cover TV, social, radio and digital audio. 

“This new direction was born from the insight that the hospitality industry has become almost entirely focused on the destination, not the stay itself. The overused destinations, cliché walks on the beach and generic descriptions of travel led us to want to remind guests that at the heart of a great trip is a great stay – and at Hilton, it’s all about the stay.”  says Gurmej Bahia, VP Marketing and Loyalty International, Hilton.

From amazing service and pet-friendly travel to the choices available in the Hilton Honors app to personalise a stay the campaign aims to showcase Hilton’s point of difference - to make guests feel truly cared for. With Summer approaching and customers looking for escapism the brand capitalises on the growing audience need for well thought out, stress-free, high quality experiences.

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