Media Fragmentation

The power of cross-channel story telling

Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


It used to be so simple. The big creative idea built the brand while media filled the auxiliary role of delivering the TV or print campaign to an expectant audience.

Yet media fragmentation, the proliferation of channels and the associated distribution options, has shattered this simple picture. As Jon Suarez-Davis, the global media chief at Kellogg’s said, “The media department is the new creative department.”

A clever selection of channels can bring great ideas to life for brands of all sizes. Cider brand Kopparberg built a media journey around its very own Urban Forest music festival, where a Spotify partnership amplified the experiential activity to fans nationwide.

Advancements in software can also help brands to target audiences and adapt messages based on external factors like the local weather or trending topics . Burton, Molson Coors and Pantene have all run Twitter and Facebook campaigns using APIs that deliver real-time relevant information to customers.

While the rise of programmatic buying can help improve a brand’s SEO, there remains a need for human insight in media targeting to capitalize on human unpredictability and our craving for spontaneity.

Brands and marketing continue to thrive on big ideas but clever use of media planning and buying creates a big impact even for those unable to afford the multi-million pound TV campaigns. As Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “If content is king, then context is God.”

Read on for examples…

Gamers Hunt For Xbox Clues Across Media Channels

Media distribution was baked into the `#HuntTheTruth campaign from the start. Halo 5: Guardians, the new title in one of the largest gaming franchises in the world, launches in October 2015. Ahead of the launch, Xbox teased gamers by using a range of content to tell a story through different media channels. Various elements of the campaign have been distributed via Tumblr (an episodic audio series) and YouTube (live action trailers).

The latest installment is a cross-platform campaign (TV, cinema, digital posters and podcasts) that builds on this by encouraging fans to team with others to find hidden clues on and offline. Players then use the clues to crack puzzles via their phones and the winning team will be rewarded with a unique prize - a character in Halo.

The campaign appeals to the most dedicated Halo fans by engaging with them six months prior to the launch - a prequel to the game itself.

Agency: McCann London

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Stella Artois Takes Tv Viewers To The Movies

Stella Artois grew its association with cinema by creating ‘Trailer Break’ with Channel 4 - bespoke ad breaks during their Saturday night film coverage.

Continuing throughout 2015, the ad breaks consist only of film trailers and two Stella Artois ads. Viewers are encouraged to Tweet their reviews using #StellaArtois4Cinema for the chance to win premiere tickets.

A print partnership with Shortlist and sponsorship of film festivals, including Cannes, will also help to grow the film connection.

Agency: Vizeum

Nando’s Dishes Up Youtube Content

Nando’s is building its social media and YouTube audience with their ‘Rapid Order Rap’ campaign, which teaches diners how to remember their long Nando’s orders. Clever use of media channels enabled the restaurant chain to run a targeted film-based campaign for a fraction of traditional TV budgets. Links to the YouTube content were seeded via a Twitter and poster campaign.

Agency: 18 Feet & Rising

Dr Martens Grows The Conversation With Fashionistas

The ‘Stand for Something’ global platform builds engagement across social and digital channels for footwear brand Dr Martens. The campaign began on Facebook when fans were asked the question, ‘what do you stand for?’ Supported by print, posters, experiential and digital advertising, the films provided the launch for a two-year platform that encouraged a conversation with fashion lovers and expanded to embrace music tours and magazine content.

Agency: ODD

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