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Entertain, don’t interrupt

Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Mobile Behaviour: Entertain, don’t interrupt

Who wouldn’t want to turn their head into a giant taco? This is exactly what Taco Bell were banking on when they partnered with Snapchat, the platform that now boasts over 150 million active daily users. Together they created a branded lens in celebration of the Mexican festival, Cinco de Mayo. Using augmented reality, the app turned fans into a giant filled taco shell with flaming eyes. The result was 224 million views in one day, making it the most successful Snapchat lens to date. Engagement time with the lens averaged 24 seconds, which is huge, particularly in comparison to traditional mobile advertising.

Considering the average person checks their phone 85 times per day, there’s huge opportunity for more brands to successfully grab some of this attention. Earlier this month Pharrell Williams used the Snapchat platform to preview his ‘Human Race’ sneakers for adidas. The 128 second series of Snapchat clips gained 3.4 million views, with 87% of users watching to the end.

Snapchat is not the only platform successfully helping brands to grow audience engagement via mobile. Miami Ad School created a simple but effective idea to get the Instagram community liking their posts. A collaborative profile featured unfinished graphic images that required users to double tap in order to be completed. A smart execution that fits into existing behaviour of 75 million daily Instagram users.

Facebook are continuing to experiment with new ways to create engaging content. Canvas is their full-screen ad experience used by brands from Burberry to Coca-Cola. In-feed 360 video encourages viewers to engage with content by using their mobile device as a window to explore unseen places.

Read on for examples…

Lowe's Turns Your Digits Into A Drill

To encourage Facebook fans into a bit of DIY, Lowe’s used the Facebook Canvas tool to entice aspirational young homeowners with an interactive and immersive brand experience. Beautiful home interior images appeared as sponsored ads within targeted feeds, seducing viewers into opening the Canvas. Once opened they had the option to tour room designs, discover product details and purchase items without ever leaving Facebook. On average, people spent 28 seconds exploring Lowe’s Canvas, much longer than a traditional Facebook ad.

In April the home improvement retailer joined Snapchat. ‘In a Snap’ is a series of videos posted as a Snapchat Story, a loop of clips that are available for a period of 24 hours. By tapping in the right place, users can hammer, drill and chisel their way through a complete DIY project. The experience turned thumbs into tools and kept fans engaged with the brand for longer.

This recent activity follows their award winning ‘Fix in Six’ campaign, which used the Vine platform. It cements the brand as an innovator when it comes to creating entertaining and engaging short-form content for social media.

Agency: BBDO, New York

28 seconds
on average spent on Canvas
return on ad spend

Burger King Flame-Grills Competitors

Snapking is the Snapchat alias of Burger King in Argentina. To attract new fans, the famous fast food restaurant created a campaign that asked

Snapchat users to flame-grill their competitors’ patties by virtually drawing on the grill lines. Flame-grilling has always been one of the major selling points of the Burger King brand, but the campaign brought this message to a new audience. Finished images could be sent to the BK Argentina account, and those who played received a voucher for a real Burger King burger.

The campaign was so popular that all the free burgers were claimed within 48 hours.

Agency: David, Buenos Aires

E.On's Snackabale Customer Service

E.ON used Facebook and Vine to reach prepayment customers with a reminder to top-up and avoid running out of electricity, particularly during the winter. The brand created engaging snackable content that combined practical advice with a humorous human touch that reflected E.ON’s ‘We’re on it’ positioning. The films to date have achieved 28,000 loops on Vine and 32,000 views on Facebook. Collective social media reach was more than 900,000 views. The success has led to additional uses of short-form video being commissioned.

Agency: Jaywing, Sheffield

Have an Adventuregram With Land Rover

‘Adventuregram’ is an interactive picture-based story that allows Instagram users to make their own adventure. The Land Rover campaign is made from a series of photos depicting everyday adventure scenarios, for example herding sheep and going off road. Clickable tags within each image take the user on their own journey to a different story detail. The execution required more than 140 Instagram profiles, which were woven together into storylines with hundreds of possible paths. The photos were all shot on an iPhone 6, in locations across the U.K and France.

Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers, London

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