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Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Coca-Cola is “in the business of selling smiles”, not flavoured pop. If you open a Coke you Open Happiness! A big claim for a soft drinks brand, they invest a lot in conjuring up unique and elaborate ways to spread happiness (and free Coke) all over the world.

Coca-Cola has shown us that owning a territory around your brand can help elevate it above other products in the same sector. Happiness isn’t ‘thirst quenching’ or a great taste, it’s a state of mind. Similarly Cadbury are on their personal mission to own Joy. This strive for unique brand association remains one of the key challenges in marketing today.

In his book Decoded: The science behind why we buy, Phil Barden stresses how the value proposition must fit the brand. For example, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo all come with an automatic breaking system. The explicit goal for each car is shorter breaking distance, however the implicit goal is very different. Mercedes refer to the superiority of the system, BMW highlight how it can enhance your driving pleasure and Volvo promote it as a safety feature. Communications for each brand will reflect these different owned territories.

More than ever brands need to analyse the motivational drivers of their category and audience and seek to find autonomy in crowded markets.

Read on for examples…

Puma Shows Us How To Own "After Hours Sports"

PUMA needed a clear vision to secure a credible role within consumer culture. Rather than competing with the likes of Nike and adidas in their depiction of sport as battle, PUMA created a new category of sports, for those athletes who don’t want to be warriors, PUMA Social.

This required a different type of sports hero, specialising in bowling, pool, ping-pong and running for the last cab home after a few drinks. They brought us the After Hours Athlete.

After Hours Athletes from all over the world were invited to take part in friendly competitions throughout key cities. At the heart of the activity was an engaging social platform called Life Scoreboard, because life’s more fun when you’re keeping score.

By understanding the motivational drivers of their audience PUMA succeeded in creating an entirely new category within an established and competitive sector.

Agency: Droga5, London

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Good Food Deserves Lurpak

We’re a nation obsessed with cooking and Lurpak have been working to make good food their territory. To help own this space they introduced the Lurpak Cook’s Range, which they took on tour to inspire the nation.

The first live event saw 19 hours of demonstrations, 36 hours of live footage and over 650 #FOODADVENTURES tweets, reinforcing that good food deserves Lurpak.

Agency: BD Network, London

Cadbury's Bring Us Joy

It started with Glass and a Half Full Productions’, a series of campaigns designed to give people the same feeling of joy you get from eating Dairy Milk. Out of this Joyville was born. A magical land who’s characters brought the wonder and delight of chocolate into our everyday world. Joyville has since evolved into “Free the joy”, where the focus is back on celebrating those spontaneous moments of joy whilst eating chocolate.

Agency: Fallon, London

Chivas Teaches Us A Lesson In Chivalry

Chivas dare a new generation of gentleman to win the right way. Live with Chivalry is at the heart of all their brand communications. is a platform built to inspire business thinkers and give entrepreneurs an opportunity to #WINTHERIGHTWAY. All steps on the journey to owning the Chivalry territory.

Agency: Havas Worldwide & AnalogFolk

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