Who I Am, Not What I Have

Providing tools for status-seekers

Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


What’s your current status update? Before Facebook came along the word ‘status’ was solely defined as one’s relative social or professional position. Nowadays it can be anything that’s on your mind. Still, every time we post into the little box at the top of our Facebook feed we’re essentially defining our place within society.

In affluent culture, status is one of the primar y drivers of consumer behaviour. It’s not about one’s possessions; Gen Z and Millennials deal in ‘social currency,’ placing more importance on the experiences they have and the people they’re connected to. Advanced mobile technology makes it possible to update your followers from pretty much anywhere in the world. These days if a moment isn’t captured on camera, it’s almost like it didn’t happen. Live streaming site YouNow is a new platform for budding performers to broadcast themselves to a global audience.

Members can pay to interact with their favourite personalities in real-time. Musicians can collaborate with fans on new lyrics, or sing personalised songs. This interaction is what sets YouNow apart from other live streaming services. It appeals to a generation who want to feel connected. Young people want the tools and opportunity to show off their own creativity and grow their cultural currency. For brands to connect with this ambitious customer, they must put their own egos aside and find new ways to put them in the spotlight.

Read on for examples…

Topman Connects Through Co-Creation

Topman have invested heavily into understanding their audience.

Mainstream young guys are interested in content that entertains them and taps into existing conversations. They want brands to acknowledge their creativity, not share niche fashion content they can’t relate to.

TopmanTV aims to publish content that isn’t just reporting on youth culture, but creating it. #Openshoot established a collaboration between the audience, Topman and vocal artist Ghostpoet.

Young creatives were asked to submit films expressing their ideas, experiences and passions. The videos were then used in the new music video for Ghostpoet’s single: ‘X Marks the Spot’.

Last year to promote Nick Grimshaw’s collaboration with Topman, and hero a t-shirt inspired by his dog doodles, the fashion brand built a Facebook app allowing users to create their own pet portraits. Each day one winner was chosen to have their drawing printed onto a t-shirt.

Through collaboration Topman have been able to connect with their audience in a way that’s in tune with their existing attitudes and behaviours.

Agency: Livity, London & Uber, Sheffield

views of the hero music video
Twitter uniques

French Connection #Justcanthelpmyselfie

To launch the new collection, French Connection invited their customers to play the part of stylist, model and photographer for their latest fashion campaign. Using the Regent Street store windows, one of the best outdoor sites in the world, the popular retailer created an activation that would capture the attention of passing shoppers. The campaign invited customers to take selfies in a specially designed in-store booth. The images were then broadcast to the store windows and via social media, where the public could vote for their favourite and crown the king and queen of the selfie.

Agency: Madras, London

Share Your #Mycalvins Story

Representing the intersection of fashion and music, Lara Stone and Justin Bieber shared their #MyCalvins story with 157 million followers. Fans were then encouraged to share their own #MyCalvins images, with the best ones being re-posted on the Calvin Klein homepage. 5.3 million fan impressions appeared within the first six hours of the launch. The same afternoon, Calvin Klein was #1 trending on Twitter in 28 countries. In the 24 hours following the launch Calvin Klein gained 159.2k new social followers.

Agency: Wednesday, London

Beats By Dre Is Straight Outta Compton

To promote the release of Straight Outta Compton, star of the film Dr Dre and Beats headphones used a ‘meme generator’ to attract 4 million fans. The launch of the online tool enabled users to fill in the blank on the “Straight Outta...” and attach a photo to share with followers on Facebook or Twitter. Several celebrities got involved in the campaign including Jennifer Lopez who posted ‘‘Straight Outta The Bronx.’’

Agency: R/GA London, London & North Kingdom , Stockholm