Bupa campaign redefines health and wellness for the modern age

The campaign from MullenLowe Group aims to showcase the brands progressive view toward health

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Health and wellness encompasses so much more than standing in line at a GP when the seasonal cold and flu curse strikes again. From mental health to menopause, neurodiveristy to invisable illnesses, health concerns are complex. This diversity sits at the heart of the latest campaign from Bupa, which aims to reflect and redefine the meaning of health and wellness for the modern age.

The ‘This is health’ campaign has been created by MullenLowe Group and spotlights a range of different human experiences to demonstrate how health needs have evolved and look different for everyone. The spot aims to shine a spotlight on the breadth of variety throughout different life stages and shows that expert care and support can help people through whatever they are facing.

The upbeat film shows several different stories of individuals' health needs accompanied by lively music and bold positive text headings. From sexual wellness to exercising for fitness Bupa has chosen to spotlight some larger health conditions but also smaller everyday ones that are all equally important to people. The slot makes health and wellness feel inclusive and uplifting, encouraging individuals to take their own journeys. 

Democratising health care 

“Health isn’t ‘one size fits all’, it looks completely different to each person depending on their individual needs and circumstances.” says Angelique Waker, Director of Brand Marketing at Bupa. “Our new campaign reflects on how Bupa can be there for you in the age we live in today, bringing to life the tailored support we are proud to provide to our customers across a range of different needs.”

Particularly post pandemic people have been able to reassess their relationships with health. There is a heightened importance on wellness and a positive shift toward looking after mental wellbeing as well as physical. 

The Bupa campaign aims to champion this more progressive view of health and wellness as the services consumer research that found 73% of UK adults agree that the media and social media represent a simplistic view of health, which primarily focuses on physical fitness.

The campaign also aimed to highlight a diverse range of people as where research found 68% agree that there is no one version of a healthy body, representation is extremely important to ensure healthcare can be accessible to all. 

Where the brand’s customer base is constantly evolving and the healthcare landscape progresses, this campaign aims to position Bupa at the forefront of health demonstrating a progressive approach and championing the needs of each individual to work toward a more accessible future.

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