Burger King hijacks Christmas classics

The campaign from BBH uses humour to put a Burger King stamp on the festive season

Jeevan Georgina Hammond

Editorial Assistant Creativebrief


Burger King hijacks two Christmas classics in its new festive campaign. Taking over Chris Rea’s hit, ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ and poking gentle fun at the big man himself, Santa Clause, the new campaign from BBH puts a Burger King stamp on the season.

Embodying the food brand’s cheeky sense of humour, a new cover of the Christmas single change the lyrics ‘driving home for Christmas’ to ‘Driving (thru the) Home (of the Whopper) for Christmas’. The 8 minute music video features a GPS singing directions to local Burger King drive-thru in the UK.

Featuring the recognisable GPS voice, the music video highlights why Burger King is better than its competitors. Done in classic 80s Christmas music video style, it features plenty of fade transitions, shots of studio sessions, and twinkling lights.

From this full length video, smaller clips have been cut to create individual, local radio ads. So, wherever audiences are driving, they can be directed to the nearest of 21 drive-thru destinations, across the most travelled motorways in the UK. Released a short while after other headline-grabbing festive spots, the campaign was intended to accompany the country in the lead up to Christmas day, when people are heading to their holiday destinations.

Alongside the video, the campaign features OOH executions that play on the homonym of ‘Whopper’. A word which can be used to describe Burger King’s signature dish or one that means a huge lie. Placing the title ‘Whoppers’ over a man with a white beard in a red suit, the fast food retailer's cheeky creative implies that the unbelievable work of Father Christmas might be one big whopper… (which of course it isn’t!)

Burger King xmas OOH.jpg

Speaking on the campaign, Felipe Serradourada Guimaraes, Deputy ECD & Partner said: “As a challenger brand you gotta come into the conversation slightly different, especially at Christmas. So instead of joining in, we decided to hijack. Merry Christmas.”

By revamping a couple of Christmas classics in Burger King's signature cheeky and fun tone of voice, the brand creates an eye-catching campaign that creates cut through in the competitive festive ad season. Be it due to its provocative nature or the sheer catchiness of Chris Rea.

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