Channeling creativity whilst swimming

Olivia Sparey, Senior Account Manager at Truant shares how wild swimming has taught her to take risks and the power of resilience

Olivia Sparey

Senior Account Manager Truant


Culture is at the crux of creativity. Yet all too often as an industry, culture is not treated as a tangible input. If creativity is a muscle, then you need to exercise that muscle every day. With that in mind, BITE is asking industry leaders to share the experiences which have positively impacted their creative outlook and how they have influenced their work. Olivia Sparey, Senior Account Manager at Truant shares how wild swimming has taught her to take risks and the power of resilience.

In recent years, wild swimming has become a sensation in the UK, attracting adventurers, self-care enthusiasts, and even the Beckhams. Since 2020, the Outdoor Swimming Society’s membership has risen by 75,000 and its website received one million unique users in 2021. From off-grid retreats to garden ice baths, it's all about putting yourself first and diving into the unknown, testing your limits both physically and mentally.

Sure, there are the obvious perks like boosting your mood and getting that productivity kick in just 30 minutes but what sets swimming apart is its ability to clear the mind. For those who struggle to unwind with yoga or meditation, the shock of cold water or an outdoor swim might do the trick. For me, it’s a peaceful escape from the chaos of everyday life, even if it means taking a dip in freezing water.

Feeling comfortable isn't always a good thing.

Olivia Sparey, Senior Account Manager, Truant

Swimming has always been a big part of my life but in recent years I've tried to explore wild swimming discovering a sense of mindfulness. It allows your mind to wander creating space for creativity which can lead to your best ideas and thoughts. It also helps if there’s a sauna nearby to warm up after.

Wild swimming is something you just need to do to understand the benefits. We could all learn to embrace that boldness in our professional life, and you'll find yourself taking creative risks and asking the right questions.

Ross Edgley, best known for becoming the first person in history to swim all the way around Great Britain shares insights into the art of resilience in swimming. His ten rules for resilience, including the concept that resilience is strategically managed suffering, underscore his belief that everyone possesses the capacity for resilience.

Resilience isn't just for sports, it applies to life in general. From Edgley's advice, I've picked up two important things: to stop worrying about the end result and enjoy the journey or process, and know that putting in the work leads to good outcomes. Secondly, feeling comfortable isn't always a good thing. It might be less stressful but It’s important I keep learning and expose myself to difficult situations knowing that in the long run I will benefit from it.

It all comes down to hard work. Today, we can get so much instantly, with information just a tap away. But with this, we sometimes lose sight of the journey or process. It's easy to doubt ourselves and lean on others or things that we forget our own capabilities.

So, next time you're stuck on a tough task or brief you feel you can’t resolve or feeling uninspired, why not dive into the world of swimming? You might emerge with a fresh perspective and the energy to tackle anything that comes your way.

Guest Author

Olivia Sparey

Senior Account Manager Truant


Dedicated Senior Account Manager, Olivia excels in building strong client connections and exceeding expectations. With a background in network agencies and now an independent agency, Olivia continuously expands her industry expertise while being a fantastic team member. Alongside working on the Royal Caribbean account at Truant, she also helps run the Simply Business and Material Focus accounts at Truant. Beyond work, she loves the outdoors, taking long walks and embracing cold water swims.

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