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Lee Casey Co-Founder & Creative Director of Hatched introduces a new site, Responsible Brands, exploring what the world looks like when brands take responsibility for their audience, and the world.

Lee Casey

Co-Founder & Creative Director Hatched


Take a moment. Wonder what the world would look like if certain people didn’t take responsibility. Now imagine what the world can look like if you take responsibility for your audience or the world. What do you see? A possibility or a reality?

 Brands have a responsibility and the power to contribute towards meaningful change for their audience and the world. It’s the consideration and commitment to the people that the brand serves. This is what creates value. This is what drives a brand forward. This is what makes the difference.

We are pleased to announce the launch of, a hub of exploration into how brands around the world, whether start-ups or established institutions, are taking responsibility and placing it at the heart of their business.

The platform has been created as a free source of example, opinion and discourse around the drive to create and champion a culture of responsibility in branding, driven by cause.

The project has been in the works since 2019. Our diverse and collaborative team have been busy speaking to businesses and sourcing important insights and information that brands can use as ideas and inspiration to drive positive change within their own business.

Although the platform’s inception was pre-COVID-19, the pandemic, along with a lot of other political, cultural and environmental issues that arose during this time, only highlighted the importance of businesses taking responsibility. The way brands acted in the last two years has demonstrated their value to people. As customers look for brands to do more and search for more openness and authenticity, some brands have excelled whilst others have fallen foul. Regardless, it has been a true test for the role of brands in society and a time for reflection and change. Now, however, is the time for action and we invite all brands to take part.

Highlighting the good is about highlighting the good. It’s a clean slate, not only looking at the good brands have done before, but what they are doing now, and in the future, to help positively impact the lives of their customers, society and the world. The website contains insight, interviews and opinions on how brands are using their resources for meaningful change.

One of the brands we feature is Nike. Using the power and the scale of their brand, Nike uses its voice for societal and environmental betterment, reflecting transparency and humanity.

From their ‘Move to Zero’ initiative, working towards a zero carbon and zero waste future, to their campaigns in support of social injustice, including ‘For once, don’t do it’ for the Black Lives Matter movement. They don’t just make sports clothing and equipment, they take a stand on the subjects that matter, representing their customers.

There are also articles from womenswear brands like swimwear company Andie and underwear brand Pansy, who have found success in being more open about the reality of body image, sustainability and championing women. Both brands believe in not only making flawlessly fitting and high-quality garments, but representing all women, no matter what size or race you may be. 

Holding up a mirror

Finally, there are articles on the value of second chances. Coffee roastery brand, Redemption Roasters, with its employee focus as the basis of the brand, has one simple mission, to help ex-offenders successfully reintegrate into society. With nine barista academies and a roastery, Redemption Roasters trains prison inmates in professional roastery and barista skills and then helps their graduates to find work once released.

These are just some of the incredible brand stories that feature, and we have much more lined up that we can’t wait to share.

By looking at the good brands are doing it will become a mirror that other brands may hold up, to face their own brand responsibility, away from the greenwashing or corporate responsibility tick-lists to something far more ingrained in their DNA, more meaningful and more valuable for their audience and the world, turning the possibilities of tomorrow into the realities of today.

Guest Author

Lee Casey

Co-Founder & Creative Director Hatched


Lee is a Co-Founder and the Creative Director of Hatched, a creative agency who work in partnership with brands to help them to define, defend and deliver brand responsibility through curiosity, creativity and communication.

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