JD Williams flips the script for midlife women

The uplifting campaign from House 337 successfully busts the myths surrounding midlife women

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director Creativebrief


If you were to believe mainstream marketing you might think that women in midlife are an endangered species. Invisible unless depicted in beige clothes looking stressed out and miserable.

It may well be 2024 but a mainstream media narrative which puts women perpetually at war with themselves ‘fighting the signs of ageing’ persists.

It’s an ecosystem in which JD Williams’ ‘Admit it, this age thing suits you’ campaign is a welcome breath of fresh air.

The uplifting campaign, created by House 337, champions the transformational power of midlife, encouraging women to embrace a new chapter and new freedoms of getting older – all through a lens of summer fashion.

With House 337, we continue to challenge societal perceptions, while showcasing styles that express who these women really are.

Esme Stone, Head of Brand Marketing at JD Williams

Smashing the midlife marketing malaise

The campaign takes consumers poolside where a cast of diverse models are dressing according to their joy and attitudes. They are, according to JD Williams, ‘defying conventional wisdom and dressing to accelerate joy not avoid judgement.’

A hero film celebrates self-expression while roundly rejecting outdated, ageist stereotypes which say older women have ‘no idea how to dress’ and ‘can’t bear to whisper their age’.

A new season for midlife marketing

Outdoor advertising is another major part of the campaign. Outdoor executions celebrate older women while challenging notions such as “dressing your age” and the idea that midlife bodies shouldn’t be seen in a bikini.

Esme Stone, Head of Brand Marketing at JD Williams, explained: “This campaign has really resonated with midlife women and we’re thrilled to bring it back for summer 2024 with something even bolder and more challenging. With House 337, we continue to challenge societal perceptions, while showcasing styles that express who these women really are”

She continued: “This season, we embrace the wit and real stories of midlife women across the entire lifestyle spectrum.”

Lou Canham, Creative Director at House 337, added: “We’re turning up the heat on our charge against the misrepresentation of middle-aged women. With JD Williams, we continue to bang the drum louder for the magnificence of midlife. The cultural revolution on ageism is picking up pace but this is only the beginning. Our midlife population in the UK is ever growing, in numbers, and in spending power. I hope to see more brands engaging meaningfully with these influential women. All eyes on them.”

The campaign will run across platforms including TV, broadcast video on demand, radio and social media.

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