JD Williams shatters stereotypes around midlife women

The new campaign from House 337 rewrites the narrative for midlife women and rejects outdated stereotypes

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


“We have lost our style, forgotten how to party, are past it, probably stopped having sex a long time ago.” 

A new campaign from JD Williams tackles stereotypes head-on to bust the myths around midlife women. From tropes around style, beauty, partying and sex, the age-inclusive campaign aims to rewrite the narrative and more accurately represent women.

Research has found that at the age of 52, society makes women feel they are invisible. In all parts of culture midlife women are ignored and in advertising, they are erased, stereotyped and ill-represented at a time when they hold a significant portion of spending power. 

JD Williams' latest campaign aims to put an end to this by placing midlife women front and centre. The brand's Autumn Winter 2023 campaign created with the help of House 337 stars stylish, powerful women and flips stereotypes by approaching the audience with fun and excitement.

A hero film stars a cast of 50+ women embracing style and embodying the spirit of joy. Modelling the new AW23 collection the women in the film ooze confidence and fashion. Audiences see the women model party dresses, underwear and everyday garments while a voice-over repeats the lazy rumours: “We have lost our style, forgotten how to party, are past it, probably stopped having sex a long time ago, choose to be invisible, play it safe – we are nothing but a hot mess.” It is clear from the women on screen these rumours are far from the truth.

“The tides are slowly turning on society seeing the value and awesomeness of middle-aged women. But this can’t happen soon enough. We’ve been misrepresented or altogether ignored for too long, so shove over ‘silver fox’ men HERE COME THE F-ING GIRLS, and we’re not who you think we are!” says Zara Ineson, Executive Creative Director at House 337.

She continues: “It’s fulfilling to be a part of this cultural revolution of really seeing midlife women through our myth-busting work with JD Williams. And I encourage even more marketers to harness the power of creativity and the reach of their brands for both commercial and societal progress.” 

Missing midlife women 

Recent research from MullenLowe Group UK found that 74% of over 50s feel ‘advertising underrepresents my age group’. With the over 50s making up 47% of UK adults, smart brands need to wise up to the potential of the over 50s market. The audience has a prominent position within society, yet are consistently fed anti-ageing narratives or made to feel absent from culture.

JD Williams has become committed to rewriting the narrative of midlife. The Autumn Winter campaign follows on the success of its previous work celebrating women in midlife in the SS23 collection, and its role as sponsor of Davina McCall’s hit midlife dating show My Mum Your Dad.

“We’re proud to present a second campaign that once again demonstrates our commitment to truly representing midlife women. With House 337, we’ll continue to flip the perception society holds of women past a certain age and represent a style which is made for them. Embracing the wit, confidence and the true stories of real midlife women across the entire lifestyle category this Autumn.” explained Esme Stone, Head of Brand Marketing at JD Williams.

By acknowledging the lazy stereotypes mid-life women have been forced to endure time and time again, JD Williams shows a true understanding of the audience it strives to represent. Through championing joy and real women the campaign is able to more accurately reflect the real, lived experiences of midlife women and speak to an invaluable market too long forgotten.

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